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ARTI 'The worlds most experienced rescue team.'

Considered one of the leading search and rescue experts in the world, Mr. Doug Copp, the Executive Director, founded Earthquake Protection and Rescue of California (EPRC) after the 1985 Mexico City earthquake. For many years they were the only Americans rescuing at world disasters and (EPRC) simply became known as `The American Rescue Team'. The name and is now known worldwide as The American Rescue Team International or ARTI

Please read through some of the many Letters of Gratitude and Recommendations. The American Rescue Team International has 31,000 associated members in 32 countries. ARTI is the team you see on TV ( at foreign disasters crawling inside of collapsed buildings, saving lives.) As the Rescue Chief and founder of ARTI Doug Copp has worked at, almost, every major disaster, throughout the world, for the last 15 years. The exceptions are disasters occurring simultaneously. Although, Doug instructed, trained and supplied equipment to other disasters while at another disaster.

Letters of Gratitude and Recommendations

The ARTI International Co-operative 
Agreement - Turkish Republic Of Northern Cyprus 

View the agreement.

Historic agreement between ARTI and Federal National Rescue Team of Russia

More Documents


Mexican General Consulate in New York October 8, 1985 "Mr. Douglas Copp, a specialized technician in demolitions, offered his volunteer services to our Government due to the disaster in September 19, 1985."

"Due to the urgency of specialized technicians in demolitions at this moment. I request from you,........ to authorize his access to Mexico City... with the documents we issued at this General Consulate."

Emb. Joaquin Bernal General Consulate of Mexico Mexican Ambassador to the United Nations

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Embassy of the United States of America in Mexico City, January 25, 1986

"I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for your remarkable volunteer contributions to the Embassy's earthquake relief effort. The operation was successful precisely because you and everyone involved worked together as a team. Such an immediate and effective response by the Embassy community made a difference where it counted most in saving lives and relieving pain of those directly affected. We can all be proud of this achievement."

John Gavin American Ambassador to Mexico

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Relief Committee for Messinian Earthquake Victims in Australia Sept. 29, 1986

"On behalf of the Co-ordination Relief Committee for Messinian Earthquake Victims, we would like to express our sincere appreciation for your generous involvement in the rescue project of the Kalamata earthquake victims. We have been informed of the generous and leading role you played in saving lives and recovering of bodies during the disaster. The whole of the Greek community of Melbourne is grateful to you, and we once more express our sincere appreciation."

K. Papadimitrpoulos P. Alifereis President General Secretary



Consulate General of Greece in San Francisco October 21, 1986

"I was informed that the American Rescue Team International, at its own expense, sent a team to Kalamata, Messinia, Greece and participated in rescue efforts for the earthquake victims. I would like to take this opportunity to express my thanks and appreciation for your involvement and going to Kalamata to assist the Government of Greece in its disaster efforts."

Adamantios Th. Vassilikis Consul General

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El Salvador Republic Presidency July 2, 1987

"Mr. President Engineer Duarte asked me to thank you for your generous assistance........ of the Earthquake which took place in the Capital City, on October 10 1986."

Julio Rivas Gallot Private Secretary Republic Presidency

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Canadian Consulate General in San Francisco August 3, 1987

Mr. Copp has been requested by the Edmonton Police Department to assist them in the search for missing persons in structure damaged by the Tornado that struck that city on July 31. The president of El Salvador will shortly present him with a presidential award for heroism and humanitarianism in connection with rescue work in October of 1986. We are, therefore happy to ask in his behalf if you would provide him with the air transportation to Edmonton at the earliest opportunity."

E. R. Johnston Consul General

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UNDRO (The United Nations Disaster Relief Organization) June 22, 1988

"I enjoyed speaking with you the other day, and am pleased to welcome you as an authorized user of UNDRONET." "I also wanted to confirm that I have now assigned the following account code and corresponding password for your use."

Undronet Account Code : "UNX051" Dr. Charles Kerpelman System manager - UNDRO

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National System of Civil Protection (Panama) July 24, 1989

"With the purpose of coordinating actions that will allow us to maximize the opportunities of the training you are offering us, together with a group of experts, National System of Civil Protection held meetings with the Red Cross, Fire Department, Health Institutions and Defense Forces to prepare the possible areas to develop."

Ing. Ubaldo F. lam General Director

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Emergency Preparedness of CanadaAugust 30, 1989 "Let me first remark upon your outstanding qualifications in the field of rescue and your own personal contributions to the saving of human life. Based upon that background I have consulted with my colleagues on the best way that might take advantage of your very unselfish offer of assistance."

M Braham Director International Programs and Exercises Undro (The United Nations Disaster Relief Organization)

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Exhibition of Rescue Equipment held in Moscow from October 23 to November 3, 1989.

"UNDRO, UNDP and the government of the USSR are jointly organizing this training seminar as a follow up study of recent devastating earthquakes in Urban Areas. (El Asnam, Mexico, Nicaragua, Peru, El Salvador, Italy, Rumania, Yugoslavia, Burma, China, Nepal and USSR, Republic of Armenia and Tadjikstan.) We are pleased to invite you to participate in the exhibition of rescue equipment with demonstration of its use to be arranged during the seminar."

N Solomatine Coordinator Office, USSR

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Mexican Consulate, Atlanta Ga. January 19, 1990

"Mr. Douglas F. Copp, expert in rescue for victims in natural disasters, collaborated with the Mexican Authorities as a volunteer during the disaster that took place in Mexico in 1985. His humanitarian work after the earthquake mentioned above, as well as his assistance to the victims in Gilberto Hurricane and other similar disasters in the world have saved many lives. "We ask you to give him your assistance, as far as the laws of Mexico permit, in his humanitarian work."

Teodoro Maus Mexican Consul

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Canadian Minister for External Relations and International DevelopmentMay 1, 1990

"With respect to your valuable suggestions regarding victim response procedures, I have asked my officials to send a copy of your letter to Mr. E. L. Shipley, Director General of Plans, Emergency Preparedness of Canada." "I thank you for your offer in assisting the Federal Government in responding to this important international initiative."

Monique Landry Minister for External Relations and International Development c.c. The Right Honorable Joe Clark, PC, M.P. Mr. Yves Fortier, permanent Representative, NY Mr. E. L. Shipley, Director general, Emergency Preparedness

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Division of Identification & Forensic Science Israel National Police Headquarters. Feb. 27,1991

"It as the suggestion of Mr. Charles Kerpelman of U.N.D.R.O that I am writing to you. It would be appreciated if you might send me descriptive material concerning the "Copp Life locator". At the Israel National Police we are interested in systems to locate human remains under wreckage and we want to consider your device."

Dr. Jay Levinson, Supt. Disaster Victim Identification Officer

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Unidad Acuatica de Jacko (Costa Rica) May 3, 1991

"The Red Cross at Jacoo, will be honored to have Mr. Douglas Copp in its community. Mr. Copp, Chief of the Preparedness and Rescue of California, United States, specialist in rescue of Collapsed buildings, will assist us to give a course to the community without any charge. ( Government offerred Ocean Front Land for Rescue School)

Carlos A. Alvarado President and Governor of State

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Volunteer Fire Department of Mazatlan A.C. June 2, 1992

"The Management Patronage and the Volunteer Fire Department of Mazatlan A. C. are grateful to Douglas F. Copp, Canadian Representative of The American Rescue Team International. Their valuable teachings in the conferences they gave to this port related to disasters, will be very useful for us, to improve our duty as volunteers fire fighters."

Rafael Barman Mn Chief

Click here to see the original document



FONATUR (National Fund for Tourism Promotion) Mexico October 13, 1992

"Douglas F. Copp represents the American Rescue Team International, Earthquake Preparedness and Rescue, I let you know that under the instructions of Arq. Ignacio Lopez Bancalari, Director you are authorized to use the designated space, to do rescue training and functions from the vehicle that has been assigned in that place.(offerred to set up International School on Government Property)"

Lic. Jose Antonio Arjona Iglesias General Manager

Click here to see the original document



General government Secretariat in Baja California Sur, Mexico October 16, 1992

"I may introduce you Douglas F. Copp from the American Rescue Team International, Earthquake and Preparedness & Rescue of California, .... to request your valuable collaboration for transportation of a vehicle and three members of this organization, in the route LAP-MZT, who are in their way to fulfill their social labor free of charge to the Mexican Mainland."

Lic. Raul E. Rozaud Osuna General director of Government and Coordinator of the Public Security

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General Direction of Civil Protection for the State of Mexico Dec 1, 1992

" Next Tuesday December 8, 1992 at 7:00 pm at the General Direction Conference Room a conference will take place about civil protection in charge of the rescuer Mr. Douglas F. Copp, Executive Director of the American Rescue Team International."

Ing. Jorge Ayanegui Suarez General Director

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National Defense Secretariat (Mexico) Dec 2, 1992

"Agreed by the General Secretary of National Defense and concerning your background, I inform you that 7 members of this Secretariat will attend to the Conference. "Disaster Mitigation management" at the Canadian Embassy."

General Rigoberto Castillejos Adriano Gral. Bgda. D.E.M Chief EMDN



Federal District Department, (Mexico) Dec 2, 1992

(In response to the request to manual Camacho Solis)

"It is a pleasure for me to let you know that I have read with interest the information about your activities that you carry in the United States, Canada and Mexico which are very important to be prepared for any incident related to civil protection of the population." "We support your organization and authorize your putting on a conference that will take place at the Canadian Embassy, wishing you success in the fulfillment of your programs."

Ing. Daniel Ruiz Fernandez Secretary of General Construction

Click here to see the original document



Vallarta Today, Puerto Vallarta December 22, 1992

There are those individuals that by their very existence, actions, and leadership light a path for the rest of us to see more clearly our way through life, through hardship, through possible trauma. By example, they point the way for others to follow, or stride side by side towards whatever goal may be accomplished. Not to place to great a point on it, but when the subject is saving lives, what other accolades can be given. To meet a real live hero is to be inspired. When that person also gives insight and hard-won knowledge as to how to possibly save your own life, or those of your loved ones in a potential future disaster, one can only say, "Thanks".

Wayne McLeod Editor

Click here to see the original document



Consular Agency of the United States of America in Puerto Vallarta Jan 14, 1993

"Thanks for dropping off the Vallarta Today dated Jan 6 regarding the upcoming Disaster Mitigation Conference. I have a special interest in such a conference since our Embassy requires us to develop our own Disaster Plan and keep it up to date. You have the full support of this office in whatever way we can help."

Jenny McGill Consular Agent


Alameda Journal Alameda, Ca. January 1995

"Doug is the biggest adrenaline junkie of all. He's a real gutsy guy. I was real happy to have met up with him" (Quote of Caroline Hebbard world's leading dog handler appearing in Newspaper)

Caroline Hebbard Search and Rescue Dog Handler

Click here to see the original document



Engineering News Record Magazine February 20, 1995

"Copp crawled through 50 buildings during a rescue mission and assessed the work awaiting the Japanese.........."

Click here to see the original document



Foreign & Commonwealth Office(London) February 24, 1995

"At the request of the Prime Minister......"

"As head of the Department responsible for our relations with Japan, I have been asked to reply" " We on our side were impressed by the professionalism of the American Rescue Team International and the International Rescue Corps of Great Britain"

Graham Fry Head of Far Eastern and Pacific Department (British State Dept. Ministry of External Affairs)

Click here to see the original document



British Consul General - Osaka , Japan March 15, 1995

........." I very much enjoyed working with you briefly in Kobe. I am so full of admiration for all those in organisations like yours and the IRC who work so incredibly hard and at such great personal risk to help those affected by disasters all over the world." "Go carefully"

David Cockerham HM Consul-General

Click here to see the original document



City of Kobe - Kobe, Japan May 2, 1995

"The city of Kobe greatly appreciates the services that you provided while working with the Swiss and French Rescue Teams in Kobe." "Your professional training and experience helped alleviate the pain and suffering of Kobe earthquake victims............. "The experience you brought with you was a great service to the people of Kobe."

Kazutoshi Sasayama Mayor of Kobe 



HBO Network   -   July 30,1997

' Thank you for presenting us at Home Box Office with your information on how to survive an earthquake.....'


David Greenwood

Manager, Facilities West Coast

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