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the Triangle of Life saves lives. Duck and Cover is death! Click on this Quake Alarm and you will link to a doc. from the Office of Energency Services, in Chile; concerning the Quake Alarm.


Thompson Lang
'the 911 monster'

villains and heros



Mesothelioma victims click on the asbestos sign, for help


Copp Life Systems Store Supporting ARTI.

CasioClick on this Image to see it up close.  



Item #1...    

ARTI / CASIO G - Shock watch ( includes Navigation, electronic compass, world time, world temperature and many other cutting edge/technology features ) Kevlar , bullet proof strap. Available in ALL Black.

The toughest and most sophisticated watch ever made.

Casio started distribution.

This watch is only available, from CASIO, in Asia and Europe. It sells for $350.US

We have the only other stock. Buy your watch, from here and help ARTI save lives.

Make check or money order payable to Copp Life Systems.




***$199.*** US.(pay with pay pal)

plus $40. Shipping and handling . 

Copp Life Systems,   563 Charlotte St, Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada, B1P 1E6
Tel/Fax 902-567-1227

email Paulina: pauelcopp@aol.com for more info

Ask about the All Rescue - Rescue Commander's Special.


   Item #2.....     The ARTI  ' Casualty Locator '

Doug and Mike locating the victims of Swissair Flight 111, one hour to find the crash site on the bottom ....185 feet deep.

The first and only machine in the world capable of precisely locating dead victims; either, on the bottom of the bay, lake, river, landslide, mine collapse, or murder victims in the forest, desert,  garbage dump or mass grave site.



Doug_Fuji   Item #3.....     The ARTI  ' Mine Collapse Live Victim Locator '

***** Doug and President Fujimori at La Mina Juannillo, a collapsed gold mine in the Peruvian Andes. ******

The first machine,  in the world,  capable of precisely locating live victims in voids found when mines collapse.  You can hear a trapped victim up to 600 feet through solid rock!


Doug_Khurshed.jpg    Item #4.....     The ARTI  ' O3 Emergency Detox System '

*** Doug and Khurshed ( ARTI, Tajikistan ), treated in the team's Mobile Command Center. ***

Primarily designed for major disaster rescue workers, personnel recovering victims from   mass grave sites; such as, Kosovo and first and foremost divers recovering corpses.   The equipment, uniform or dive suit, and the body surface of the rescuer is detoxified of all bacteria, viruses, parasites and fungi.


Item # 5. Dec 2005. The video 'Triangle of Life', by Eagle's Eye Productions, is completed and available from Ed Flemington: Eagles Eye Video Productions 194 Leeside Drive, Sydney, NS.,Canada, B1R 1S6 (902) 562-4414

email: office@eagleseye.ca

The promo video trailer is attached and the back and front DVD Covers are below.

doug copp

the Triangle of Life saves lives. Duck and Cover is death! Click on the dvd case jacket to see the promotional trailer for this incredible and life changing video. This link will take you to Eagles Eye Video Productions.

Item 6...Quake Alarm
This device will give you a warning in advance of an earthquake.
Enough advanced warning to save your life!

Nov 2005. Quake Alarm is the only product endorsed by ARTI. It does for earthquakes what smoke detectors did for fires. It costs $20 -30. It will provide you with enough warning of an earthquake to save your life. ARTI has given them to Presidents, Prime Ministers, and Generals to protect their office and home.

In one instance it saved the lives of an entire school of children, in Mexico. The children were all outside, in lines watching as their school completely collapsed, in front of them. After this event the Governor of this region used 3 Quake Alarms, one for office, one for the bedroom and another for hotel trips.

It works. It saves lives. We recommend it highly.

the Triangle of Life saves lives. Duck and Cover is death!Click on the top Quake Alarm to go to the Quake Alarm website.

the Triangle of Life saves lives. Duck and Cover is death! Click on the bottom Quake Alarm and you will link to a recent doc. from the Office of Energency Services, in Chile; concerning the Quake Alarm.

click here


'Quake Alarm': Watch the video.

The Quake Alarm does for earthquakes what smoke detectors do for fires. It costs less than $20 wholesale; is simple to use; requires a 9 Volt battery, to work and it has ALREADY SAVED AN ENTIRE SCHOOL OF CHILDREN. The children watched from outside, in safety, as their school collapsed, into a complete heap of rubble. Instead of, the usual 2% survival rate; 100% of the children survived.

ARTI has been giving Quake Alarms as presents, to world leaders, for years. The Quake Alarm protects the Maharao Pragmalji III, in his Palace, in Gujarat, India. It is in the Presidential Compound, in Peru. The General of the Armed Police of China has one. It protects the Ministry of Civil Defense Headquarters, in The People's Republic of China. The Governor of Jalisco, Mexico keeps one in his bedroom, one in his office and another in his suitcase to protect him when travelling. A litany of USA and Canadian Embassies are protected by Quake Alarm.

The Quake Alarm activates and warns you before earthquake damage takes place. This gives you the time to get yourself into a survivable void or 'triangle of life'.

Quake Alarm plus the 'triangle of life' means survival.

Order Here


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