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the Triangle of Life saves lives. Duck and Cover is death! Click on this Quake Alarm and you will link to a doc. from the Office of Energency Services, in Chile; concerning the Quake Alarm.


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  Press Box

Press Box

*watch a video of doug saving a little girl buried alive under tons of concrete*

- CHILE ** Earthquake** read 'current mission' section below. ARTI is continuing to save lives, in Chile, via the 'Triangle of Life'. Hundreds of thousands, of Chileans, are emailing, one of the 'Triangle of Life' videos, to all their friends and family. Read Below: The letter of endorsement from the Chilean Government, for Quake Alarm. It can easily save your entire families life; as it has done, time and time again, throughout the world.

March 2010. Read the Time Magazine, Business and Economy (India), Glamour Magazine (Arabic) articles (10 oil rich arabic countries) below.
March 2010. Earthquake Turkey.Read about ARTI's 15 missions to Turkey and Starting rescue operations there. See below.
March 11, 2010. The Federal Government of MEXICO, adopts the triangle of life, Elias Moreno Brizuela, Ministry of Civil Defense, Mexico, watch their youtube video, below.
March 15, 2010. The triangle of life video is being produced in Farsi and Arabic dialects. The t of l brochure is circulating in many languages. We put French and Japanese versions online here today..
April 25, 2010. * There are a series 4 X 1 minute TV commercials developed in New Zealand for the triangle of life that will be aired all over the world ( including Canada). We will be seeking corporate sponsors to broadcast them. Doug Copp watched one of them 20 times. They are outstanding! and conclusive! a complete and total bullseye.
May, 2010. * United Nations TV has broadcast the triangle of life in Haiti (after translating it into Creole). The United Nations has, also, translated the triangle of life 30 questions and answers ( found on the homepage at www.amerrescue.org into Creole, for distribution)
2010-2011.* ARTI and the IDRI is training several rescue teams from Africa to do rescue..the triangle of life will be part of the class)
June, 2010. * In China, we have made another major push (China already has widely accepted the triangle of life). Fraudster, CIA type 'trickster'and pathological liar: Marla Petal ('Duck and Cover' rep for the American Big $$$) is in trouble. The Chinese Police have recovered evidence that Marla Petal has been endangering children's lives, through lies and misrepresentations, for financial gain.This is a serious crime, in China.
June 19, 2010. Facundo Garcia of ARTI - Argentina informed us: * Throughout Latin America people watched the Discovery Channel program 'Survival Guide' extol the common sense of the 'triangle of life/survivable void' and 'slam' the nonsense of 'duck and cover'.This was broadcast throughout Latin America, in Spanish and the English speaking world, in English.
June , 2010. * ARTI has started a Competition for schoolchildren, around the world, studying 'disasters' It is called the " Sophie, Make a Difference Competition" ..see below for details and the winning essay.
June , 2010. * IN Lebanon we are doing a follow-up to the recent pan arab ( 10 countries) magazine ( in Arabic) article on myself and the triangle of life.
June, 2010. * Doug Copp been approached to make 2 more documentaries, by production companies working for the US Networks: one is about the triangle of life, the other is about having survived crawling inside of 896 collapsed buildings. Doug has been the feature segment of 9 TV documentaries, so far. This will make a total of 11 major TV programs, featuring Doug Copp risking his life as an unpaid volunteer. You can see some of them among the 60 videos at www.amerrescue.org
2010.* There are many more projects on ongoing, in several countries.. ALL AS UNPAID VOLUNTEERS!
American Rescue Team International

** June 2010 **.

Sophie, a grade 8 student in Ottawa, Canada contacted Doug Copp, by email, Sophie, told Doug that she wanted to "make a difference". She was taught 'duck and cover', in grade 5. She never liked it. It made her afraid. She researched "the triangle of life' and wanted to 'make a difference'. Sophie wrote an essay which is an inspiration, for all people who want to 'make a difference'. Next September, we will have video, essay competitions and much more..as a way for young people, to make a difference.

Someday, I expect that Sophie may be an investigative journalist. Let's hope that she maintains her sense of truth, decency, courage and desire to 'make a difference' when most people succumb to the 'daily grind'.


** Sophie is an inspiration to youg people and Adults, too! **.

Earthquake Safety, By Sophie

Danger, awareness and doing nothing. This is the situation with schools and earthquakes. The procedure today for earthquakes is to crouch under desks, not facing any windows, covering your head. Well covering your head isn’t safe in the worst situation. Yes, if stuff falls or windows break this is safe. Although, we have to think of the worst scenario, to protect people whose lives are in danger. What if the roof caves in? The desks in schools are not strong enough to hold the roof. People following this procedure would be crushed to death. Doug Copp has found the solution: the triangle of life.

We all learned about the “Duck and Cover” in earthquake safety. Recent research shows this is WRONG! “[in collapsing buildings] Duck and cover results in a 98% death rate” says Doug Copp himself. You see, hiding under desks is dangerous in a cave-in. When researchers went into crumbled and collapsed buildings, they found triangles formed against strong objects from roof cave-ins. “Triangle of life results 90% survival”. If there is a large sturdy counter and the roof falls, the counter won’t be crushed. The roof would rest on top creating a triangle between the counter, floor and the roof would be the hypotenuse of this empty right triangle. If someone were to crouch near the counter before the earthquake, they would most likely be saved. This is the triangle of life.

Many people disagree with the triangle of life, saying that it is more likely to be hurt from falling objects, then a falling roof. But there are some people who agree completely on Copp’s side. “Alice Walker Blog” says “Thank you, Doug Copp, wherever you are, know we are grate full for this teaching”. Someone (name not available) on “Philosophy Recycled” said “This guy's [Doug Copp] findings is absolutely amazing. I hope we all remember his survival method if we are ever in an earthquake!!!” Also many media sources are being made, for all over the world. “United Nations TV” has broadcast the triangle of life in Haiti. In Lebanon “Pan Arab Magazine” had a recent article on Doug Copp and the triangle of life. Even China has widely accepted the triangle of life.

There is a question about the insurance companies. Are they influencing our schools? Schools buy insurance, if there is an earthquake and people die, the insurance won’t have to pay for hospital bills. If children are alive, maybe injured, but alive, they will have to pay. Is this all about money? That is the question we need to ask. Duck and cover is not the safest method, maybe people die, so less money will be spent. Here is the twist; the triangle of life procedure is used in some government buildings in British Colombia, Canada. Why not in schools too? Why not save lives? Questions not easily answered.

If you ask me, I think the triangle of life makes sense. There is proof, videos and good reasoning. I think something needs to be done about the earthquake procedures in schools. Accidents have happened before in other countries; why not learn from them to prevent harm to our country? If a student in elementary school is concerned with this matter, I think maybe our government should be too.




Sent: Tuesday, June 08, 2010 10:56 AM Subject: Re: :Sophie update making a difference

Dear Sophie: I hope that you are Ok. I am looking forward to reading your essay. People who `make a difference`` sometimes need to be strong..sometimes it is not easy to `make a difference`. Many people are jealous, selfish, self centered or have `bad faith`. You must be strong, and determined to `do good`and `make a difference`, in this world. When do you expect it to be ready... doug copp

In a message dated 04/06/2010 7:08:36 P.M. Atlantic Daylight Time, sophie writes: This is amazing Doug Copp! I never thought I could make a diffrence so quickly! I should be done the essay by monday. I am telling my friends about the triangle of life too. I hope your operations go well! -Sophie

----- Original Message ----- From: AmerRescue@aol.com To: sophie; AmerRescue@aol.com Sent: Thursday, June 03, 2010 11:28 AM Subject: Re: :Sophie making a difference

Subject: :Sophie making a difference

Dear Sophie:

You may be surprised to know that you are already 'making a difference'. I have contacted a team member, in BC, to get proof that the 'triangle of life' is being taught in the Government Buildings. We will expose these people for protecting their own lives and leaving the schoolchildren endangered. Also, I have sent a copy of your correspondence to some people involved in a project in China. Finally, I would like to post our correspondence and your essay at www.amerrescue.org as an inspiration for other young people to 'make a difference'. Show the web site (after we put your essay up), to your classmates. Maybe, you can inspire some of them to 'make a difference', too. Your parents must be very proud of you. all the best, to you doug copp

Thank you so much Doug Copp! This will deffinatly help. It is very interesting information. Keep up the good work! Thank you again, From Sophie -----

Subject: Re: making a difference Dear Sophie: Good for you. It is very important to do the 'right thing' with your life. A life without caring and principle has little value. Here is an email that I sent to some students, in New Zealand, last week. You might find it interesting. A team member in Victoria tells me that the 'emergency service managers follow the 'triangle of life' and it is used in Government Buildings, in BC...BUT NOT in the schools. The email helps to understand why: " Some of the differences: Duck and Cover: is bureaucrat, financial and politically driven, designed to maximize American Insurance Companies profits. The Triangle of Life: is driven by a desire to saves lives and reduce suffering. Duck and Cover: Is based upon no empirical evidence. The Triangle of Life: Is based upon the experience of the most experienced rescuer, in the world and has been adopted by all the major rescue teams throughout the world ( NASAR,INSARAG, UN Security). Duck and Cover: results in a 98% death rate. The Triangle of Life: Results in 90% survival. Duck and Cover: was created by a marking company, under a pentagon contract, to keep the people feeling safe, and calm by knowing that they would be saved, from the Soviets dropping an atomic bomb.. if they dropped their head to the ground and covered it with a newspaper. ( see the actual video at www.amerrescue.org) The Triangle of Life: Was created by doug copp with the experience of 100+ disaster events, crawling inside of 896 collapsed buildings and evaluating hundreds of thousands of others. Having witnessed the gruesome result of duck and cover and almost 1,000,000 lives lost I concluded that duck and cover is death and triangle of life is the only place, in which people can survive, building collapse. Duck and Cover: school children will die; thereby, saving insurance companies; who insure American School boards the cost of medical care for possibly physically, and psychologically traumatised children who would have survived. The Triangle of Life: School children will survive, be cared for and go on to live. Duck and Cover: is cheaper and less trouble for school boards because the children are dead. The Triangle of Life: considers childrens lives to be more important than Insurance company profits. " best regards doug copp

Hello, my name is Sophie. I am a grade 8 student in ottawa Canada. I used to live on Vancouver Island British Colombia, in the earthquake zone. In grade 5 I heard of the triangle of life, i was shocked at the schools unawarness of the danger. I gave my teacher an article of a earthquake in Mexico, showing that all the kids were killed because of the procedure that we used in our school. It didn't change anything. Ever since, i have not liked the earthquake drills in my school. Even now that i don't live there i want to make a difference for other people. I am trying to find more information, for an essay I am doing in school, and maybe to even try to convince my community, so coming to the core source could be helpful. I was wondering if you could give me any tips on earthquake safety or any other information that I may use. Thank you very much for your time. Duck and cover is all about maximizing profit for American Insurance companies, lowering the premiums of American School Boards..and all the bureaucrats around the world followed them over the cliff because they didn`t have the guts to make a difference..like Sophie wants to do. best regards and please send me a copy of the essay.. doug copp

Subject: Re: making a difference

Dear Sophie: Good for you. It is very important to do the 'right thing' with your life. A life without caring and principle has little value. Here is an email that I sent to some students, in New Zealand, last week. Y&^ou might find it interesting. A team meber in Victoria tells me that the 'emergency service managers follow the 'triangle of life' and it is used in Government Buildings, in BC...BUT NOT in the schools. The email helps to understand why: " Some of the differences:

Duck and Cover: is bueaucrat, financial and politically driven, designed to maximise American Insurance Companies profits. The Triangle of Life: is driven by a desire to saves lives and reduce sufferring. Duck and Cover: Is based upon no empiracal evidence. The Triangle of Life: Is based upon the experience of the most experienced rescuer, in the world and has been adopted by all the major rescue teams throughout the world ( NASAR,INSARAG, UN Security). Duck and Cover: results in a 98% death rate. The Triangle of Life: Results in 90% survival. Duck and Cover: was created by a marking company, under a pentagon contract, to keep the people feeling safe, and calm by knowing that they would be saved, from the Soviets dropping an atomic bomb.. if they dropped their head to the ground and covered it with a newspaper. ( see the actual video at www.amerrescue.org)

The Triangle of Life: Was created by doug copp with the experience of 100+ disaster events, crawling inside of 896 collapsed buildings and evaluating hundreds of thousands of others. Having witnessed the gruesome result of duck and cover and almost 1,000,000 lives lost I concluded that duck and cover is death and triangle of life is the only place, in which people can survive, building collapse. Duck and Cover: school children will die; thereby, saving insurance companies; who insure American School boards the cost of medical care for possibly physically, and psychologically traumatised children who would have survived. The Triangle of Life: School children will survive, be cared for and go on to live. Duck and Cover: is cheaper and less trouble for schoolboards because the children are dead. The Triangle of Life: considers childrens lives to be more important than Insurance company profits. "

best regards doug copp

** Feb 2010 **.

National Public Radio throughout the USA and Canada, Brazilian TV and Newspapers, Latin American Newspapers, TV and Radio all covered the ARTI mission to Hati. We thank them and Time Magazine for helping us to get our message across of co-operation to more effectively save lives and reduce suffering.

Time Magazine writes about the Triangle of Life Survival Method discovered by Doug Copp!

This is another step in the adoption of Triangle of Life', throughout the world and the end of 'Duck and Cover'.

*Read the Time Magazine Article*

The United nations Security sends a 'triangle of life' power point presentation to all UN Officials in Latin America

Quote from Time Magazine:

"Meanwhile, U.N. security experts this week sent out a triangle-of-life PowerPoint presentation to staff members in Latin America who are still shaken by the deaths of 100-plus U.N. workers in the organization's Port-au-Prince headquarters, including the head of the mission there."

Tim Padgett, Time Magazine, Senior Editor

*Read the Time Magazine Article*

*********Listen below to the radio program!********

Doug Copp gave a 4 hr /4 part (click below) nationwide radio interview in which he exposes crimes at 911, the Oklahoma City explosion and other disasters in which identified US Government Officials committed crimes and other nefarious acts.

Why this expose and why now? Doug continues to have many 911 caused medical problems; however, only one 'worries' him. Doug is going blind from glaucoma; caused by, his exposure to massive amounts of toxins, under the 911 rubble. He wants to clear his chest and confront the villains before he is goes blind.

People should go to jail.

Doug 'opens the book' on 25 years of saving lives around the world; while battling greed, self-interest and clandestine military-intellegence activities under the pretense of offering foreign aid.

Learn that... almost all if not all... Federal Government rescue teams have spies on the team. They gather military and intelligence information and extrapolate/ evaluate the effectiveness of the stricken country and it's handling of the natural disaster with how well it would function under military attack. They all do it. They do it to both friendly and enemy governments.

Why do you think that FEMA from Fairfax County, Virginia; instead of New York City, Los Angeles or any of the other 23 FEMA teaams are the only FEMA team to go to foreign disasters..year after year. .What is so important about Fairfax County? What is in Fairfax County? Langely is in Fairfax County. Langely is famous for one thing only: ' It is the worldwide headquarters of the CIA.... GOT IT!... an idiot can figure this out.

Learn the truth...How to survive even if everyone else is killed. Why has it taken doug 25 years of defammation, criminal acts against him, abuse, persecution, attack, lies and brutal treatment before the 'duck and cover' bureaucrats are finally giving in?

$$$$ money or the worship of 'the almighty dollar' is the only reason why 'duck and cover' has been used.

Members of ARTI met with the Re-Insurance Companies who insure the insurance companies, state, county and civic governments. The insurance companies told us that it would be less profitable for them if people survived with possible injuries rather than simply were allowed to die. It would be acuarily more expensive. In other words, dead school children cost less than survivors do. The VP of Muchener-Re (one of the world's wealthiest Organizations) told us that he would be fired and replaced if he changed the policy. His company was in business to make a profit..NOT to save lives or be humanitarian!

The Government safety officers who usually get their job as a political reward for supporting a politician's political campaign (rather than any knowledge of safety..like Bushes : "Good Job Brownie" who screwed up Katrina) told us that it would be "cheaper and less trouble to deal with a dead child (in the public classroom) rather than surviving with a possible physical or psychological injury and could sue."

In other words their insurance premium would rise and it would cost them more money. This is why the fight to get the truth about the 'triangle of life' has been fought, so hard and this is why Doug Copp has been so vindictively and vitrolically pursued, for his 25 years of humanitarian work, as an unpaid volunteer.

Learn what really happens and did happen at the major disasters throughout the USA and the world. The truth. What actually happened. Not the 'glossed over' lies or story made up for the press or the public. Why were 5 reporters arrested at the Oklahoma City; including Geraldo Riviera? Learn what they were unable to uncover.

You will be shocked and stunned by Doug's many revelations; including, the American Red Cross direct responsibility for 4,500 NYC first responders becoming injured at 911.

The President of 3 M Corporation told doug, personally, that 3M Corp donated $750,000 respirators to the American Red Cross for distribution to first responders. The ARC kept these 'life saving respirators' in their wharehouses, for later sale. Meanwhile first responders (without respirators) had a choice: take a chance or let the victims die. The first responders; including, doug 'did the right thing' 'took a chance' and got poisoned The American Red Cross 'carpet bagged' more money; as they have countless times before and continue to do so, today.

Doug states in the radio interview: "I was so mad that I could have been boiled alive"..and did you know about the Canadian Red Cross being legally phrohibited by the Canadian Courts, from collecting blood in Canada. The Director of the Canadian Red Cross was criminally charged with the death of 8,000 people who received aids via contaminated blood transfusions.This resulted from the Canadian Red Cross refusing to pay the $250,000 to test the blood for aids. It would interfere with profit.

An Official with the Canadian Red Cross laughed, in Copp's face, when the court decision came down: " We can no longer collect blood but we are 'going into' collecting money from disasters..the same as the American Red Cross..we'll make a fortune... and we got only a $1 fine for the death of 8,000 people."

Much, much more..including the shining lights of the world and the 'goodness' that comes out of people's hearts to fight against these villains.

*Go to the Genisis Broadcasting Network program 'Amerika Now' to download and listen to the 4 hour program*

*Listen to the First Hour*

*Listen to the 2 nd Hour*

*Listen to the 3 rd Hour*

*Listen to the 4 th Hour*


July 18, 2008. Almost at the same- exact- time that the Chinese broadcast the ‘triangle of life’ to 500 million. KMIR Palm Springs California, The NBC Affiliate (In spite of a continuing $131 million lawsuit against NBC, for defamation.) broadcast Lucy Jones and John Hardcastle, verifiable liars who have defamed Doug Copp.

The fact that they lied provides another reason to conclude that ‘duck and cover’; is as ‘dead’ as, the hundreds of thousands of people who have been squashed while doing it. If not, then why do they find it necessary to tell vitrolic and verifiable lies.?

See for yourself:

In a desperate, last pitch attempt to stop the ‘triangle of life’ Lucy Jones, seismologist at Cal Tech and someone who claims to be a leading expert, at earthquake planning, told a bold faced lie. On KMIR TV, she publicly claimed that doug Copp, ARTI Chief, ‘made-up’ the fact that he had searched a collapsed school in Mexico City; because the earthquake happened, before the schools were open. Therefore, the ‘Triangle of life’ was based upon fraudulent information. She said: “ Copp made it all up.”

Well, the schools were open. Lucy Jones lied.

Ask any Mexican (There are 100 million of them.) or follow the links below.

See the Time Magazine Article, concerning the schoolchildren, who died in Mexico City. Lucy Jones lied. http://www.time.com/time/magazine/article/0,9171,959981-4,00.html

Read testimonials of children who survived because they were in the aisles of the classroom that Doug Copp searched and watched their friends under their desks become crushed; such as,

Lorena Maribel Leon

“Another case that touched me was one about a young girl from our church called Lorena Maribel Leon, a student from CONALEP (Technical School) and who on that morning of the earthquake, was in one of the classrooms. Because she was seated at a student desk, she was unable to run away, and was left trapped amongst the furniture (in the aisle), which protected her from the ceiling that was falling on her, preventing her death. Due to the time that she spent with her legs trapped underneath the student desks before her rescue, the young girl lost her legs. She had the opportunity to be moved to and assisted at the Loma Linda Adventist Hospital.” When Doug Copp arrived, at the school, Lorena’s legs were left behind, crushed under the desk. Lorena survived because her torso was in the aisle. She lost her legs because they were crushed under her desk.

http://online.um.edu.mx/comunicando/Articulos.aspx?idArt=193 (Spanish)

http://www.amerrescue.org/lucyjoneslied1.jpg (English)

Read Sara's testimonial about the school collapsing on her:

http://trikinhuelas.com/archivos/2005/09/18/terremoto-de-mexico-de-1985/ (Spanish)

http://www.amerrescue.org/lucyjoneslied2.jpg (English)

Read Yolanda's testimonial about surviving in the 'triangle of life' created when the blackboard fell down, on top of the desks( she was away from her desk.) : http://www.laascensiondelosishayas.com/ ( Spanish)

http://www.amerrescue.org/lucyjoneslied3.jpg (English)

Lucy Jones lied.

Read an extract from a deposition (under penalty of perjury) from the Head of the California Office of Emergency Services which states that the very school that Doug Copp searched in Mexico City was filled with school children who were crushed under their desks. Lucy Jones lied. link to the original. http://www.amerrescue.org/lucyjoneslied4.jpg

Read a letter of praise from John Gavin, the American Ambassador to Mexico to Doug Copp. Lucy Jones lied. link to the original http://www.amerrescue.org/credentials.htm#ltrs2

Read an open letter concerning Doug Copp’s credentials from Joaquin Bernal. The Mexican Ambassador to the USA Lucy Jones lied. link to the original


See 14 other sources of the hundreds available to prove that Lucy Jones lied. Lucy Jones lied. link to the originals. http://www.amerrescue.org/lucyjoneslied.htm

Lucy Jones has been handsomely paid to create an earthquake scenario for the Southern California region, and yet please explain to me: If she is such an expert on grandiose earthquake scenario planning as she claims; how can she not know what millions of Southern Californians of Mexican Ancestry know: that Mexico City schools open earlier than American Schools. The schoolchildren were crushed under their desks when the earthquake happened. Doug Copp told the truth. Lucy Jones lied.

Can Lucy Jones claim incompetence or ignorance as a defense? Is Lucy Jones utterly incompetent and a liar for gaining fame and fortune as the great earthquake planner of Southern California?

You should know that John Hardcastle, Emergency Services Director for Palm Springs, was, also, on the program. He is another bureaucratic expert. On the program, He declined to mention the email that he sent circulating throughout the Southern California region. In this email he discredited ‘the triangle of life; as a fraud because Doug Copp was a ‘wanted criminal’ who was ‘in hiding from the police’ with a warrant existing for his arrest. This is a complete lie. It was a good thing that several ARTI supporters, in the area, got the email for us.

At the bottom of this website, you will see Doug Copp’s home address, home phone number and home email. Is this what Hardcastle considers hiding or is he lying? Hardcastle lied.

After, ARTI contacted the Mayor, of his city and threatened to sue, Hardcastle stopped telling that lie.

Hardcastle told the KMIR audience that they should NOT worry about being crushed to death; instead they should worry about a book falling off a bookshelf and hurting them.

This ‘logic’ reminds me of the original ‘duck and cover’ commercials which told a frightened and hysterical people not to worry about the Soviet Nuclear Bomb because they could ‘duck to the ground’ and cover their head with a newspaper or hide under a blanket and they will be safe from a nuclear explosion. In the commercial which ‘created’ ‘duck and cover’; you can see the ‘flash’ of a nuclear bomb, followed by the children and adults dropping to the ground and covering their heads with a picnic blanket and a newspaper while ‘Bert the Safety Turtle’ dances and sings to his ‘you will be safe’ jingle.

Stalin got his revenge. More people have died from ‘duck and cover’ than any Soviet aggression.

Is there anyone with a brain that is capable of functioning that continues to believe this ‘duck and cover’ rubbish or these liars?

You might wonder why Doug Copp, as an unpaid volunteer has continued to promote the ‘triangle of life’ when it has caused him to be so brutally treated and the victim of so many liars.

Well, you don’t know half of it. Doug Copp was so sick from his 911 injuries; that he could not speak, he couldn’t walk more than 3 ft, and his wife and Doctors all gave him up ‘for dead’. This is the time that Doug Copp’s enemies really delighted in a furor of lies to destroy him. They expected to get revenge on Copp. They expected Copp to die knowing that his reputation and life’s work had been destroyed.


Doug Copp quote: “I don’t die easy. I am glad that the children, who were knocked down, in the school aisles survived. It is unacceptable, for me, to face God, when I die, and tell him that I gave up on protecting the children, from being crushed, to death; because the bureaucrats told lies about me. It won’t happen. The strength of my conscience and faith in God is more powerful that any lie or slander can or ever could be.

‘Duck and cover’ aggressors have gone the way of ‘ the ‘sages’ who burned people at the stake who believed that the world was round and not flat. They are the same, as the ‘experts’, who tormented Galileo and Copernicus.

These villains have gone the way of the ‘medical experts’ who believed in bleeding the sick to release demons from their bodies.

When the time has come that there is no logic or reason that can be used against you and you can only be attacked by lies and liars then you have won the argument. I can die peacefully knowing that future children will be saved from ‘duck and cover’.

Thank God! The ‘triangle of life’ has already won. Ignorance has lost to reason. The truth is a powerful force.”

doug copp

The KMIR article: http://www.kmir6.com/Global/story.asp?S=8695976 *********************************************************************************************************** .

Posted. April 27-29, 2006.

The Political Official's UHR Checklist for Effective Disaster Management in a Major Disaster Caused by an Earthquake

As requested by a Minister of the Interior:

General principles:

1) Have most of your operations effectively planned with a reality based program before the disaster occurs; or be prepared to 'trash' your plans, as quickly as possible. The quicker you 'dump' phony, non-reality based plans the more effective your response will be.

Get rid of incompetent personnel as quickly as possible. Examples: Michael Brown of FEMA ( Katrina 2005) was representative of a culture of incompetents whose pursuit of self interest, greed and self opportunity effectively halted participation of effective and caring individuals. This caused unnecessary death and suffering. Congress is currently voting to abolish FEMA.

Appoint Effective Personnel quickly: President Duarte ( El Salvador 1986), placed a personal friend who owned one of the largest construction companies, in Latin America, in charge. The Indian Government placed Sanjay Gupta (Gujarat, 2001, Deputy Minister of 7 departments) an organizational genius, in charge. (I provided him with the technical knowledge which he implemented. We saved the lives of 100,000 to 250,000 expected fatalities by the strict implementation of effective disaster reduction and elimination actions. This genius recovered the area to pre-disaster economy, culture and lifestyle within 2 years instead of the worldwide 10 year standard.)

If you had not prepared sub-rescue and recovery teams pre disaster then do so immediately following the disaster. Examples: A Military Team to do the rescue at the collapsed military command headquarters ( Turkey 1999); A Police Team (NYC World Trade Center Collapse); a Secret Police Team ( for intelligence centers ..examples kept confidential).

Allow an 'open doors policy' to all International Rescue and Recovery Organizations with the following caveats; understand that most Government Teams usually have a military/ intelligence capability with some intelligence officers posing as 'rescuers'. You must place a guide and /or an interpreter with these groups to restrict, control and direct this potential negative impact. This was effectively controlled in Taiwan (1999) and Turkey (1999) etc

Understand that some International Political Teams are solely 'political' and the members of these teams are not willing to risk their lives for your people; such as, the USA DOD Team El Salvador (1986), FEMA in Armenia (1988), Pompiers de Paris (El Salvador, 1986); Japan Team (Mexico, Peru, El Salvador). They should be allowed entry; however, firmly controlled to prevent loss of life. Do not allow them control over a major site with trapped victims.

Airport, Port and other Entry Centers require an arrival desk to take care of the transportation, assignment of rescue site, translation, liaison with host country and other activities.

Try to eliminate inherent theft, corruption and opportunism by assigning the Police Chief, Military Police and others the role of enforcement, immediately.

Understand that the field operatives in International Organizations; such as, UNDP and others are satisfied with 50% theft rate and are very happy with a 25% theft loss. These organizations will not publicly admit it; however, it is a fact of life. Try to reduce or eliminate this loss.

2) Teach 'the triangle of life' survival program to everyone you wish to survive; otherwise, you run the risk of all your key personnel being squashed/killed during the initial earthquake. Their families must ,also, be taught 'the 'triangle of life' otherwise your key personnel will be forced to choose between their family and their 'duty/job'. Dead rescuers rescue nobody.

3) Take a deep breath, clear your head, calm yourself and go to this checklist. It is not uncommon for leaders of all positions and types to become swept up into an hysteria. Reject this and calm yourself.

4) Use your cell phone wisely. Have 3 phones, with 3 assistants co-coordinating your effective communications. Have many charged batteries and a battery charger which can be run with a car battery.


Conduct yourself and your Office based upon the 'old lady' principle of Disaster Mitigation and Management. After seeing and comparing the differences in management style and effectiveness between the Japanese ( Kobe 1994), Greek (Kallamataa 1986) I created this concept. The USA ( Katrina 2005) adds a new dimension.

If your actions are effective enough to take care of the weakest, most fragile of the effected populations then it will be a great success. This is how Political Officials are measured; consequently, 'awarded' or 'punished' post disaster.

In Greece(1986) the effectiveness of EPPO could be measured by the fact that an elderly lady would be safe, protected and on her way back to a semi-normal life within 48 hours.

She had: a)warm or hot food and water (supplied by the military and German Technisches Hilfswerk type portable and mobile kitchens), b) shelter ( an army tent erected by the Boy Scouts) c) A shower and sanitation ( provided by the army with shower tents) d) access to medical treatment ( Located on The Naval Ships which are a natural seismically resistant platform and a hospital tent compound, near the collapsed/damaged hospital). e) free phone service via free phone banks were established for victims to call anywhere, in the world. In the case of Greece the 'fund raising' through relatives around the world provided an unprecedented amount of disaster funding. f) Mobile Services in tractor trailers ( The Post Office provided trailers with PO Boxes to be issued to victims; the banks provided banking trailers for processing Gov't pension checks etc.. )

Compared to an 'old lady', in Japan ( Kobe 1994)A parade of Protestors 50 miles long with 1,400 suicides caused by unnecessary suffering.: a) Only the mafia ( Yakusa) provided the population with food. All other sources of food were prohibited or refused entry into port ( USA, Korean and other ships filled with food stuffs were rejected.) People scooped up rain water from the gutters to drink. b) Shelter: City Hall provided 100 card board boxes for lucky people to sleep on the floor, in City Hall. many died from exposure. c) Shower and Sanitation: Even after 2 weeks none was yet available. d) Access to medical treatment: none publicly known. e) free phone service for emergency personnel only. f) Mobile Services in tractor trailers; None.

Compared to USA (FEMA, Katrina 2005) Scandalous. Congress holding a vote to abolish FEMA: a) Food: FEMA stopped many food distribution efforts and /or refused entry to organizations capable of providing emergency food. b) Shelter: Six months later shelter is still in storage and not distributed. c) Showers & Sanitation: Toilets were overflowing in the football stadium shelter.Victims Corpses were allowed to decompose on the sidewalk for weeks and victims in homes were not searched and recovered until many months later. Bodies disappeared permanently. d) FEMA stopped medical treatment to victims in progress and allowed the victims to die because the Doctor's were not on FEMA's list. e) Some free calls to FEMA; with no response. f) mobile services: limited.

Checklist: Issue many orders , as fast as possible. These orders are not necessarily in order and must be done immediately (obviously, impossible to get everything done at once but this is the goal):

a) Declare all buildings to be evacuated and prohibit people from reentering buildings. In earthquakes, there will be many aftershocks (expect at least 5 big ones, possibly larger than the initial quake). More buildings will collapse. This is a major mistake of organizations like FEMA and the American Red Cross. They are actually endangering more lives or causing the death toll to increase. The Greek Government Agency EPPO is the best at this and should be emulated.

b) Arrange for temporary housing to be erected in a safe and open place; for example, The Main Public Parks. This was accomplished effectively, in Mexico City (1985), Turkey (1999) and Greece (1986).

The army has multiple positive and effective UHR Management uses. They should either; erect, military tents for the general population or Request the Boy Scouts to put up their tents and military tents.

c) Arrange for a command center to be established in an open space. Tents are better than command trailers. Command Trailers can fall over during an earthquake (unless you anchor each corner with 30 meters of chain and a truck tire with a long scope and buried 2 meters deep). Erect signs indicating where to find : The new 'City Hall", Military Command Posts, Minister of Interior Center, etc These command posts should all be clustered near the 'major disaster area'.

d) Arrange the participation of Private Contractors as volunteers. Construction personnel and Companies who volunteer will most certainly perform the most effectively. Award post disaster contracts on the basis of 'assistance volunteered' during the crisis. The Costa Rican Earthquake of 1991 is the best example of corporate volunteerism ranging from heavy equipment contractors repairing the bridges and highways for transportation; Tractor Trailer companies delivering all relief supplies for free; Bottling Companies stopping the production of soda pop and shipping out purified water instead; General Contractors providing UHR Required Heavy Equipment for major sites.

e) Arrange for water and 'food stuff' grade tanker trucks to deliver purified water to the population. Do not turn on the water supply until all leaks from sewer systems have been repaired. (India, 2001)

f) Protect Historic Sites and Museums from looters.

g) Get rid of rats and dead bodies quickly. Poison rats and assign the military the task of killing rat populations. Unchecked rat populations will explode with the 'boon' of this sudden food source inside of the collapsed buildings. Examples: In India, 2001, bodies were burned in pyres, at the site, of the recovery.

h) Do not allow religious beliefs to recover the bodies of victims interfere with or to be the cause of death for trapped victims, in another section of the rescue site. ( Turkey, 1999)

i) Move Hospital staff to a safe open and tented area with Electrical Generators before following earthquakes cause collapse.

j) Pass a law enforcing and requiring all Hospitals and public Buildings to remove emergency supplies and tents from their basements and place them on the roof. A tent under the rubble is worthless. A tent on a roof is maintained in perfect, undamaged condition.

k) Distribute a warning to all helicopter Pilots both Military and Civilian that Helicopters shall be required to stay above 300 meters altitude. Below this altitude the 'down wash from the blades can cause collapse of weakened structures; example of mistake; President Fujimori's Helicopter during the Southern Peruvian Earthquake of la Mina Juanillo, (1997).

l) Mark all searched buildings with spray painted easy to understand language which states that it has been searched (or not), the location of live, dead and injured victims from the premises. This will prevent wasted time and bureaucratic logjams. Do not use the International marking System adopted by FEMA and other Governments. It is elitist, confusing, ineffective and phony.

m) Put proper pressure on the International Donor Communities to provide what you need. Not what they think you may need and actually don't. Don't accept false promises and lies ( Oklahoma City Explosion, 1994). Be as pushy and as forceful as it takes to get the job done.

n) Disposal, treatment, religious services for casualties: Be Considerate of Religious Concerns; however, do not let the dead cause more death. Body bags and lime should be plentiful. Collect dead bodies at sporting complexes (soccer fields) unless the dead must be cremated immediately to prevent plague or disease.

o) Separate Latrine or public toilets for men and women should be created immediately by the Military. It should be staffed and lime should be used and available easily.

p) Create a truce with rival political parties or guerillas during the crisis. Do not allow your military to break this truce. Example: Guerilla attack on La Union followed by a retaliatory, yet illegal, US Forces surprise attack on city La Union. ( El Salvador , 1986)

r) Know your Foreign Ambassadors and Consuls. Some of them can be a surprising asset to you and will react on a personal and humanitarian manner during the disaster. Example: David Cockerham of Great Britain during the Earthquake in Kobe, 1994 and US Ambassador Gavin of Mexico City , 1985 were both international superstars who were God sends to the country they were assigned to.

s) Foreign Military assistance should be carefully watched yet utilized as an invaluable resource. Try to make personal relationships which transcend pre disaster antagonisms.

t) Use the radio and TV Stations to warn the populations of immediate dangers, where to go for assistance and to practice the 'triangle of life'.

u) Access technology to swiftly locate dead and live victims.

v) Know the 'worldwide' and 'national' players who would be important participants. Arrange for their effective participation ahead of time. Arrange for the National Airline and Military to facilitate and transport participants.

x) Arrange for your foreign embassies to actually be open and available for passport, visa and emergency services 24/7. Politics is the number 1 cause of death at major disasters; followed by, embassies shutting down or closing on weekends and after normal work hours.

z) Dead people are patient. People buried alive are in a hurry. Focus your countries actions on buildings containing the most survivors. Example: Do NOT check apartments if the earthquake happened during business hours. If the earthquake occurred during sleeping time then search homes and apartments first.



Use common sense. Know: "It is what it is" and "it is real and happening to you!" Follow these instructions and call 1-902-567-1227 for more details and everything will be as good as it could possibly be, under the circimstances.

Think before you act. Take another deep breath. Rest as required. If you go beyond your limits and become ineffective many people will die. Rest as your body and mind will allow you to ACHIEVE the most good. Expect the unexpected, be responsive to changing events and strategies.

Let heros, people who want to do good and effective people rise to their full capabilities.

Do not allow your bureaucracy to stop the flow of goodwill and loving concern, from good people, around the world.

You must not only be good; you must be wise.

Doug Copp

Rescue Chief/ARTI

Sept 1, 2005. ARTI and Doug Copp have signed an attorney representation contract with Sheldon Karasik, of Karasik and Associates LLC, New York and Zurich, to represent our legal interests against Tom Lang and Dateline. We expect to donate most of the settlement money we receive to orphanages and other worthwhile humanitarian causes. We look for justice, decency and humanity to prevail.

Oct 5, 2005.Efrain Huamann, an ARTI member just returning from Hurricane Katrina Rescue will testify that he recovered the remains of 70 victims from the World Trade Center, by using the Copp Casualty Locator. Pancho was working with the NYPD and NYFD at the Killer's Fields Landfill, in Staten Island before the rubble from the WTC was ploughed under!!

Dec 2005. The video 'Triangle of Life', by Eagle's Eye Productions, is completed and available from Ed Flemington: Eagles Eye Video Productions 194 Leeside Drive, Sydney, NS.,Canada, B1R 1S6 (902) 562-4414

email: office@eagleseye.ca

The promo video trailer is attached and the back and front DVD Covers are below.

doug copp

the Triangle of Life saves lives. Duck and Cover is death! Click on the dvd case jacket to see the promotional trailer for this incredible and life changing video. This link will take you to Eagles Eye Video Productions.

Nov 2005. Quake Alarm is the only product endorsed by ARTI. It does for earthquakes what smoke detectors did for fires. It costs $20 -30. It will provide you with enough warning of an earthquake to save your life. ARTI has given them to Presidents, Prime Ministers, and Generals to protect their office and home.

In one instance it saved the lives of an entire school of children, in Mexico. The children were all outside, in lines watching as their school completely collapsed, in front of them. After this event the Governor of this region used 3 Quake Alarms, one for office, one for the bedroom and another for hotel trips.

It works. It saves lives. We recommend it highly.

the Triangle of Life saves lives. Duck and Cover is death!Click on the top Quake Alarm to go to the Quake Alarm website.

the Triangle of Life saves lives. Duck and Cover is death! Click on the bottom Quake Alarm and you will link to a recent doc. from the Office of Energency Services, in Chile; concerning the Quake Alarm.

click here


'Quake Alarm': Watch the video.

The Quake Alarm does for earthquakes what smoke detectors do for fires. It costs less than $20 wholesale; is simple to use; requires a 9 Volt battery, to work and it has ALREADY SAVED AN ENTIRE SCHOOL OF CHILDREN. The children watched from outside, in safety, as their school collapsed, into a complete heap of rubble. Instead of, the usual 2% survival rate; 100% of the children survived.

ARTI has been giving Quake Alarms as presents, to world leaders, for years. The Quake Alarm protects the Maharao Pragmalji III, in his Palace, in Gujarat, India. It is in the Presidential Compound, in Peru. The General of the Armed Police of China has one. It protects the Ministry of Civil Defense Headquarters, in The People's Republic of China. The Governor of Jalisco, Mexico keeps one in his bedroom, one in his office and another in his suitcase to protect him when travelling. A litany of USA and Canadian Embassies are protected by Quake Alarm.

The Quake Alarm activates and warns you before earthquake damage takes place. This gives you the time to get yourself into a survivable void or 'triangle of life'.

Quake Alarm plus the 'triangle of life' means survival.

Oct 5, 2005. A terrific announcement regarding Doug Copp and ARTI's efforts to save lives!

In a message dated 10/4/2005 6:48:54 P.M. Atlantic Daylight Time, Rosita@legacyhomesnw.com writes:

There is a disaster preparedness event planned at Seattle Center Exhibition Hall on October 21 & 22nd. I checked to see what it was going to be about and was shocked to learn that one of their demonstrations will be "Duck & Cover" I just thought you might like to be aware of this. I have also learned that despite your television coverage in this area many are still being taught duck & cover. Maybe it's time to come wake the Seattle area up before it's to late. Many say this area is due for a big earthquake soon.

Thank you,

Rosita Wears

Dear Rosita:

We are making a 90 minute video called the 'Triangle of Life'. The producer is almost finished. I am getting a first edit tomorrow.

I am profoundly pleased because it uses real footage of myself and my team saving the lives of victims in the 'triangle of life' , actual footage in the disasters, and a fantastic interview with tremendous accompanying and illustrative footage.

Most importantly and with great clarity it shows the utter insanity of 'duck and cover', from it's birth as a series of 'Cold War' propaganda commercials. The commercial we use shows a family at a picnic. When the NUCLEAR FLASH from the Atomic Bomb appears, in the distance.... the singing jingle of 'Bert the Dancing Civil Defense Turtle' starts to sing while the mother, daughter, son and pet dog all 'duck and cover', under the blanket.

Except for the father at the barbecue!

He can't reach the blanket!

He is too far away!

He puts a newspaper over his head and 'duck and covers' under it!!

I am not kidding! I am serious!

This is how 'duck and cover' started. It absolutely 'blows my mind' . I am left incredulous.

When I think back of all the crushed, squashed bodies; especially little children ....and their pools of blood .... I have crawled past and through, in the rubble, emerging with their blood on my body and clothes..... all as a result of this utterly bizarre propaganda campaign getting out of control.... I am left speechless. This is where the policy of 'duck and cover' which has a Universal 98% death rate originated. To understand that many millions of people have died because of this ludicrous nonsense is bewildering.

Bloodsuckers and completely immoral, unethical and indeed murderous phony 'experts' have been promoting it ever sense.

Anyone who sees this film will be bewildered, shocked and stunned that they could have possibly been so 'brain washed' as to believe they could have possibly 'duck and covered'. The viewer will feel like he woke up from a trance.

I have spent 10+ years in preparation to make this film. Financial beneficiaries of 'duck and cover' have libeled me, slandered me and done every kind of slimy, deceitful, evil and mean thing to me except 'drag me out and hang me'. Well, this video makes it all worthwhile.

Finally, it all came together with our footage, our script, and our genius producer ( Ed Flemington). I believe this video is a masterpiece and will save millions of lives. This video will finally squash 'duck and cover'.

The following link is something we did not use but it is a parody of 'duck and cover'.

Check this out -

The video link is available by clicking on the ARC Red Dollar Cross.

Metro Duck and Cover is stupid For more info:

My speech to the Chinese Government, July 2005, starts with:

"An MSN conversation between doug copp, ARTI Chief, and John Mc Intosh, ARTI webmaster about a triangle of life speech, in China:

cybersurfer says: Duck and cover is valid for snow ball fights, among children, not for building collapse Doug says: That is good. I might use that. cybersurfer says: Hey use this one, too, duck and cover is useful for locating the children when its all over.. just look under the desks cybersurfer says: That wet spot under the desk is "Little Bobbie" Doug says: no kidding Doug says: I remember

I remembered crawling up and down the aisles of a collapsed school and seeing every child squashed. Only a little hand or foot escaped. This was in Mexico City, in 1985. I learned that 'duck and cover' was death and people survive in spaces next to desks. I discovered the 'triangle of life' or 'it discovered me'. " To read the English Text (13 pages of information which teach you how to survive while others will die) of my speech to 5 different Government Agencies, of the People's Republic of China (as published by their Government) press on the following link:


I am copying this email and sending it to some interested people.

Doug Copp

A response to my email:

At 09:30 10/5/2005, you wrote:


Congratulations on the upcoming film. I checked the "Bert the Turtle" safety film link and one thing that really stood out was that while little Bert ducked and covered himself in his shell and remained safe, the nearby house was blown completely off its foundations.

From this film, we all learned one very important lesson, and that is, while an atomic blast has enough force to blow a two story house away it does not have enough force to blow a turtle away. I think there is a second lesson in that scene - the children had entered the house and ducked and covered for safety. Yea!

Seconds later the entire house was blown into oblivion by the outgoing atomic wind. I was saddened that they did not show the next phase of the atomic wind and that is the return trip as the wind gets sucked back into the blast zone.

Mom and the kids could have waved from the safety of their duck and cover hiding places as the structurally intact house rushed past Bert heading for the intense heat of the atomic blast. You could almost hear little Johnny say, "Hey Mom, pass the marsh mellows."

I think we both know that FEMA knows what is safe and what kills. From the recent events in New Orleans, we both know what type of expertise runs FEMA. I think we both know that tis issue is all about liability. Imagine the law suits that would spring forth if FEMA ever changed its stand on "Duck and Cover" and admitted they had been wrong for all those years. Every surviving relative of every victim that was ever located under something would have grounds for a law suit.

There is only one way to increase your chances of surviving a structural collapse and that is to be inside a Triangle of Life. Get one today. They're Free!

Duck and Cover is stupid, Bizarre and Suicidal

Best Regards

David Pottier,


TEERS International

August 29, 2005.Hurricane Katrina Relief.

(Read Below for Sept 15, 2005 update). Your donation is precious. In the right hands it could mean a life, food for a hungry person or something really critically important for desperate and emotionally shattered people. Please donate to the Salvation Army or another helping organization.

Don't you remember the Joan Rivers, David Letterman, Jay Leno, Bill O'Reily and other celebrities who were shocked by the World Trade Center / Red Cross Scam. That disaster scandal got a lot of bad publicity for the American Red Cross but it was not unusual.

The American Red Cross still has billions from the World Trade Center. Give your donation to organizations less interested in profit, huge corporate salaries, luxuries and benefits. Please read above under the American Red Cross greed button. Don't let ARC turn Hurricane Katrina into another World Trade Center fundraiser; in which ARC collects billions, keeps most of the money and victims suffer.

Donate your money wisely and don't be fooled by the ARC advertising/fundraising campaign. Why do you think the Washington DC, National Headquarters of the American Red Cross is known as the 'MARBLE PALACE'? Figure it out! It is not complicated. Nevertheless, watch for another American Red Cross scandal.

Be as smart as you can be with your money. Desperate people need your help.

Copp's Badge from the Mexican Red Cross:

**** Understand that ARTI fully supports and has donated vast amounts of equipment, relief supplies, and given training to many Red Cross and Red Crescent Organizations, in other countries. Only the American Red Cross victimises victims. \

After 20 years of major disaster experience, when I envision the American Red Cross, at a disaster; I see: " a shrivelled up, hairless, old man, with a long beak for a nose, in a barren room. He is sitting at a plain table with a pile of gold coins. He is drooling, laughing, tossing and playing with the pile of gold coins."****

Unfortunately, I believe history will repeat itself again. It is such a tragedy. Watch for the next American Red Cross scandal. Doug Copp.

Sept 15, 2005

Sept 12, 2005. MORE FEMA DISASTER !!!! MORE SINISTER!!!! Better to keep an inept 'horse show socialite', like Michael Brown than someone from METRO DADE. Read Below and find out why.

An email received by Doug Copp and reply: In a message dated 9/10/2005 4:29:17 A.M. Atlantic Daylight Time, David_Pottier@Shaw.Ca writes:

subject: RIGHT ON!! - Finally

FEMA Head Loses Relief Role Coast Guard Official Takes Over Recovery; Death Estimates May Fall


response from doug copp:

The guy Bush put in charge of FEMA, David Paulison, was the head of Metro-Dade. Metro Dade was the first 'rescue' organization to use disasters to kill. They 'got into trouble' and were exposed for their 'work' in Latin America. During 1989 knowledge of their criminal, illegal and nefarious activities became known by every Minister of Health , every Minister of Civil Defense and every Ambassador to the United Nations from every country, in South America, Central America and the Caribbean. FEMA used Metro Dade's 'screw-ups', in military intelligence operations to 'stick their nose in' and get a 'piece of this financial pie'. Michael Brown was an incompetent 'horse show socialite'. David Paulison belonged to an organization tainted with using disasters as an opportunity to kill unsuspecting victims while offering to help. I can think of nothing more immoral.

Among Metro Dade's criminal actions, METRO -DADE was used to supply illegal troops and weapons to wars unauthorized by the US Congress. In fact, Congress prohibited USA military involvement.

How does Doug Copp, know all this? Well, easy. Doug Copp was UNX -051, at the United Nations International Emergency Network, during this time period. He wrote and mailed all the letters to hundreds of Ambassadors and Federal Ministers which exposed Metro Dade. Why did he do that? because he was tired of watching innocent victims being murdered. How does he know it is true? He not only witnessed and wrote in the smallest detail all of these nefarious and murderous activities of Metro Dade but DOUG JEWITT, METRO DADE CHIEF,AT THE TIME, OFFERRED HIM AND JOSE ORTEGA (ARTI MEMBER) MONEY TO BECOME EMPLOYEES AND JOIN THEM IN USING RELIEF PLANES TO SMUGGLE TROOPS.

Doug says: "Can I prove these accusations? You bet I can! I will, also, testify before Congress and take a 'lie detector test'."

Metro Dade is responsible for the death of many disaster victims; including, 300 trapped victims at Rubin Dario Shopping Center, El Salvador , 1986. Caroline Hebbard told Doug Copp that she had witnessed Doug Jewitt on a lecture podium, after 'having too much to drink'. He told the audience: " We don't risk our lives to rescue them (referring to people trapped inside of collapsed buildings). They are all vegetables anyway!(meaning the people buried alive are all emotionally shaken by their ordeal)" He was rushed of the stage and demoted (for telling the truth).

In other words, he informed the crowd that the people they were sent to 'rescue', people trapped inside of collapsed buildings, were all allowed to die without 'these evil bastards' making the slightest effort to save them.

Doug Copp quote: " I not only saw this but I saw rescuers, from other countries, who were angry about this murder and were trying to get past Metro Dade's guards to rescue the victims; being dragged away by Metro Dade's enforcers."

Metro Dade has a long history of murder, espionage and using relief planes to do covert actions. The USA Department of Defense has been their 'banker' for 'training' contracts throughout Latin America; since, the early 1980's.

Doug Copp Quote: "Do I personally know Paulison? I can't say for sure. I don't remember him; however, anyone who comes from such a high position at Metro Dade must have participated in these horrible and CRIMINAL actions. He should be investigated by Congress to determine his participation and knowledge of Metro Dade's covert military, intelligence and criminal actions. Ollie North got caught. These guys have escaped criminal prosecution, so far."

excerpt from www.amerrescue.org The ARTI // White House Document Prior to 9-11 :

Over the years, the White House has contacted Copp and Copp has contacted the White House. Phone records will prove this. During the Clinton years the White House Office contacted Copp many times regarding illegal activities, during prior Administrations, in Latin America. As far back as, 1986 Copp had cancelled a meeting with Senator Christopher Dodd of Conn., concerning these matters. Copp cancelled this scheduled meeting, at the pleading, of other members of ARTI who were frightened.

Copp has volumes of details which will create several large scandals if brought to daylight. Copp was an eyewitness to, observer of and informed of (by other witnesses) 20 years of activities, in many countries which ranged from 'murder' to criminal and always immoral actions.

Prior to 9-11, Copp was asked to create a report for the White House; given the private fax number for Andrew Card jr., the Chief of Staff, for President Bush; by Dr Kenneth L.Dupuy, a Republican looking for a White House Appointment. Copp was told that within 20 minutes of transmission the document would be on President Bush's desk. A copy of this fax was concurrently faxed to Bill Reeves, Managing Director of ARTI, 2001. It should be noted that Bill advised against informing President Bush of the immoral use of disasters and the subsequent death of innocent victims. My conscience dictated otherwise.

Copp was asked to give an analysis of the impact of the 2001 earthquake on the stability of the country of El Salvador. Copp went farther , than that, and opened a 'can of worms' about the morally bankrupt policy of using major disasters as covert military and intelligence opportunities. Copp went further. The White House received the names of the operatives. The names are blanked out in this posting. You must know that these same people, repeatedly, responsible for deaths of innocent victims, at foreign disasters did their same work in Oklahoma City and the WTC. Copp is willing to testify before Congress and take lie detector tests.

Tom Lang and his gang ( Tom Lang is the owner of the ABQ Journal. He has used his inherited wealth to detroy our rescue team because we 'kicked him out' of the WTC for 'bad' conduct. He has used his wealth, power and gang to get revenge upon us.)

Lang concocted a story that Copp promised to use his White House contacts to gain access to 911. This is a lie. Copp told Mike Miller, a Lang lackey (see peter Donahue's affidavit); that he would use his contacts if necessary. It wasn't necessary. Copp got his badge and other ARTI Badges through the NYPD. The NYPD Officer, in charge already knew Copp and told Copp that he was 'relieved that Copp had arrived'. Copp refused to give Lang and his gang passes because Lang's character; was such that, in spite of, Lang's vast wealth Copp removed him. Lang was the only individual, in 20 years, whose character and behavior was so appalling that Copp had to remove him. Lang returned to New Mexico and his newspaper monopoly, to get revenge.

There was a White House document. Copp and other members of ARTI have never deviated from the truth.

If you want to know more then read my fax; which I was requested to submit, to President Bush and his Chief of White House Staff, Andrew Card Jr. The Original Document is available by clicking on the ARC Red Dollar Cross.

Metro Dade scandals click here

If the devil gives you a strawberry ice cream it is probably poisoned with human blood.

doug copp

Here is an email received today:

Melanie.Green writes (reprinted with her permission): Your website is great.

I have been involved as a fund raiser for the last 12 years for small grass root organizations (which I check out their background). I sat on the board of the Salvation Army in Colorado. We had a wonderful organization that was all on a volunteer basis with no salaries. I am very concerned because all the media and most private companies have their contributions that go to the ARC. When I try to explain how corrupt this organization is...... the response is one of disbelief or "oh they wouldn't keep the money". I am very concerned about how much money is going to be collected by the ARC for Katrina disaster. Most of the victims are handicap, poor and have nothing. How can I help with these efforts?

I plan on giving to the Mississippi chapter of the Salvation Army and probably a local church in the near vicinity. I would like to get the word out regarding the ARC to other corporations so the actual victims can get some money.

The company I am with currently (67 Billion Dollar Company) is going to match every employee's contribution up to $250.00 nationally to the American Red Cross Only. I am very upset every time I hear their name. I have talked to several victims around the world and not one person has ever received any money from them directly.

The Ellen Degeneres Show has raised millions of dollars in the past years. She donated millions of dollars to the ARC for the Sonamee (spelling wrong) relief fund thinking she is doing a great thing for humanity. I do I approach the show and advise them of other charities which would be better to donate to? She is from New Orleans and I know she is going to raise many millions for the Katrina Hurricane victims. I really want to get the word out regarding this fraud....THEY ARE THIEFS.

Please give me information on some good agencies to direct companies in the near future.

Please Help.

Melanie Green

Melanie told us that she will be sending us a complete 'blow-out' of her experiences with the American Red Cross which we will be posting on the website.

*ARTI/Copp/BBC Global Warming Film set in the future...2050. The First year that 'weather' became the leading cause of death. Watch 'Future Storm'.* This 1 hr program had a huge impact with politicians worldwide and with the general population, in Europe. Copp is seen going from disaster to disaster saving lives and reducing suffering with actual disaster video. It followed Copp's life for a year.

We expect, based upon our real experience; that the current situation, in New Orleans, will be repeated, in many American cities and other countries. We have been working at natural disasters with 100,000 dead and more, for years. It wasn't as newsworthy; as it should have been, because it interferred with today's profit.

It is really simple. Nature only puts up with so much arrogance and greed from the top 1% of the population and then... it 'kicks your ass'. The wealthiest and most powerful people need to eat, breath and are subject to complete destruction just like everybody else. I have seen Presidential Palaces, Summer Palaces, Castles and General's Compounds completely destroyed. Their decomposing bodies smell like everyone else.

We arn't conservatives. We arn't liberal.We don't want your money or anything else. We are people who have seen 'shit' and know it stinks. We are real...and it is time for some reality. People with a functioning brain, in their head are asked to respond accordingly.

This program frightened many people because it was so real. Now, it is even more real. It is, hopefuly, never too late. Come into the real world...our world...sadly, nothing happening in New Orleans is unexpected, to us. It has been our world for a long time. This TV program is intelligent, professional, dramatic and includes excerpts from Bill Clinton, the President of the United States.

Doug Copp appears many times. There are breaks between chapters where commercials would normally be. This copy was sent from the production studio to Copp before commercials were inserted..so wait thru the 4 x 1 minute chapter breaks.

++open with windows media player++

Think.: "It is what it is".

Reality, the truth, always becomes known. Time allows the truth to become known.

Our team was severely damaged by the World Trade Center. Key members were near death from their injuries. All of our equipment was destroyed and many 'vultures' and other bad people used our 'down time' to try to destroy us. We survived and have 'come back from the grave'; to continue, with team members, who are even more determined, to do good. We have many more articles to post for the press..coming soon.

Seattle Earthquake

See ARTI Chief, Doug Copp on one hour prime time special, FOX Network, throughout North America. Saturday March 3, Sunday March 4th 2001

south india

Jan 26, 2001 ARTI on route to India

Friday Jan 26, 2001 a major magnitude - 7.9 earthquake hit Southern India. ARTI team members have been deployed and will be searching through the rubble in hope of finding survivors.

Feb 12 2001 status update.

El Salvador Earthquake Jan 13, 2001

January 13, 2001 an earthquake measuring 7.6 in magnitude struck El Salvador, 65 miles off the shore, southwest of San Miguel. Doug Copp who attended the disaster that day said, "the damage could have been worse but the ocean absorbed most of the shock. If the earthquake hit on land there likely would have been over a hundred thousand people killed."

Our team ( USA, Canada, Honduras, El Salvador, Israel, UK) arrived in Honduras and drove to San Salvador. We arrived in the disaster area within 24 hours and we were the first team , to arrive. ARTI Chief, Doug Copp personally visited every part of the country affected. Our work was broadcasted on TV as a ‘package’ to all the major networks, worldwide. BBC Radio world service carried Mr. Copp's 2 interviews to a combined audience of 260 million listeners.

God Bless Continental Airlines for arranging the approval for coordinating our flights from all over the world to land in Honduras (as the main airport was still closed).

Information and photos will are being put together and will be found: HERE

The American Rescue Team has appeared on an incalculable number of TV programs and other media. Doug Copp alone has appeared in hundreds of TV shows and networks throughout the entire world, and over 30,000 newspapers, magazines, radio stations in more than 100 countries. Typically, at a disaster our rescues and interviews appear on 6 to 20 networks.

ARTI Rescue Chief, Doug Copp appeared on:

  • MSNBC NETWORK WIDE for 5 minute interview, The News with Brian Williams.
  • NBC NETWORK WIDE for 5 minute interview 
  • Entertainment Tonight (major international TV show) twice. 
  • Entertainment news (major international TV show) promo for feature 
  • 30 commercials for major feature (international) 
  • San Francisco ABC twice on news interviews 
  • Good Morning America, The number 1 morning show throughout the USA as a promo for the feature 
  • ABC NETWORK on Program 'World's Deadliest Earthquakes' major prime time special as the feature of the program for 15 minutes, including the segment where Doug saves a little girl's life who was trapped under 9 floors of concrete for 4 days. 

The World's Deadliest Earthquakes' is slated for international distribution throughout the world. It is the most incredible rescue ever filmed it will appear on TV for many years to come.

ARTI does a lot more than just rescue victims and recover casualty victims

During Nov and Dec. ARTI went to Peru. This was our 20th mission to Peru. During this mission we trained the National Fire Dept. of Peru, the city of Trujillo (1,000,000 population) to rescue people in Earthquakes.

We also delivered $80,000 in relief and rescue equipment to the Peruvian Fire Dept. The Fire Dept's. of Hilton Head, South Carolina, Madison Heights, Michigan and Alameda, California donated used turnouts and various other equipment. Lion Helmets of Great Britain and Ireland donated used fire helmets from the London Fire Brigade. Everything went to the city of Trujillo except for 30 fire helmets which we donated to the fire dept. of Ilo.

Ilo is a city of 200,000. The fire dept, all volunteers, no longer have the notoriety of not having a single fire helmet. We made sure that every single fire fighter now has a fire helmet. Lucho Monserratte, ARTI Chief, in Peru officiated at the ceremonies in Southern Peru. We want to thank the Fire Dept's who support our work and especially Lion Helmets for helping us help less fortunate firefighters

It is tough enough risking your life as a volunteer to fight a fire. Doing it without personal protection was too much. Thank you for helping us!

We also lectured at the National University to stop 'the duck and cover' rubbish. Three Universities and professors now teach our 'triangle of life' method. The mayor (Alcalde) of Trujillo and city council passed a resolution (giving us a copy of the document) thanking us for our work. All of which was covered in newspapers and national TV

We plan to continue supporting these volunteer firefighters. If your fire dept. wants to help please contact Doug Copp at 510-523-5493. Any equipment no matter how much it has been used is better than no equipment at all.

Dec. 99 & Jan. 2000

Did you know that ARTI started preparing for the earthquakes in Turkey and Taiwan 4 years ago. ARTI went to their countries and gave the first training in Urban Heavy Rescue/collapsed buildings and Earthquakes several times over the last 4 years ARTI also trains International companies like Southern Peru Ltd. and Fire Depts., Police Depts., Civil Defense, Red Cross and other organizations throughout the world! ARTI has been asked to go to Turkey, Venezuela and Peru to give more training for a variety of rescue/disaster mitigation and management issues. As always ARTI's training is reality based using actual videos of the team in the midst of a major destruction actually doing the work. Most training for disaster mitigation and rescue is given by individuals who have no practical experience. It has become a big business in which people who have no experience or contact with real events give training to other individuals who also have no experience. It goes on and on down the line until the 'so-called' experts are in fact individuals who have been trained by other individuals who don't have the faintest connection with the reality of it all. It all falls apart when an actual disaster occurs and then people pay with their lives. The worst place in the planet for this is the USA. It is extremely rare to find an individual who can actually trace his training back to someone who actually 'flew an airplane'. You wouldn't fly an airplane with a pilot who never flew before even more you wouldn't fly in an airplane with a pilot who not only never flew a plane but his instructor never flew a plane either.

Well when you get under a desk in an earthquake you are trusting your life to someone who has never ever seen or been inside a collapsed building because everyone who has ever been inside of a collapsed building will tell you that every single time a person gets under a desk before a building collapses, will be squashed down to one and one quarter inches thick! Every time! The individual next to the desk will survive! Some of this training will be filmed as part of a Discovery Channel series on ARTI Rescue Chief Doug Copp

Nov. '99 .current.

The television program: 'The World's Deadliest Earthquakes' premiered on ABC Network throughout the world. Narrated by James Woods, Produced by Nash Entertainment. A film crew was sent with ARTI Rescue Chief, Doug Copp to Turkey. ARTI already has several hundred ARTI/Akut members in Turkey Doug went and worked with them which included the most complicated rescue Doug has ever done it took 2 hours to rescue the little Turkish Girl Tugba Altun from under 9 floors of rubble for 4 days the cameraman cried it was truly intense. Watch for this program in International distribution and re broadcast in the USA. watch for the footage on many rescue programs for many years to come as Mehmet Tansriver, Operational Chief of AKUT said to Doug a rescuers dream saving a brave little girl under such extremely complicated circumstances !

Egyptair Crash November '99

Nasty business and a sad consequence for the families ARTI Rescue Chief, Doug Copp appeared on MSNBC NEWS with Brian Williams. This 5 minute interview was also broadcast on NBC NETWORK Copp stated that he expected to be working with the Egyptian Authorities on this mission because of political circumstances involving interagency politics getting in the way of rescue or recovery. As in the Swissair Crash, Kovov with mass grave sites, finding victims in lakes a year after all other authorities or bureaucratic organizations have given up. ARTI expected the Casualty Locator to find the victims in a matter of a few minutes turn over the GPS locations to the bureaucratic organizations for retrieval well it didn't happen 20 phone calls to Egyytian Air Officials and Egyptian Government Officials with faxes. etc. as well as ARTI divers also calling the Result: Sad to say. No interest we could not find the slightest interest from any of these individuals or organizations to recover the victims remains. black boxes you hear about constantly our position is that people and the families of victims are also important. I hope that this lack of caring for the victims of plane crashes in the Oceans does not become a trend.

The Taiwan Earthquake ARTI signed an agreement with the Rescue Association of the Republic of China four years ago they visited us and we visited them for training, conferences etc. at the disaster ARTI had members from Turkey, USA, Canada, Columbia, Taiwan and also worked with the Russian Government Rescue Team. These guys are down to earth and GOOD!!! The Best, most skillful Government Rescue Team in the world. The Russians and everyone else passed the Copp Casualty Locator around to find victims in the collapsed buildings how many the Casualty Locator found altogether no one added up but ARTI found 20. We have video footage to be released as a Discovery Channel Program ( They went with the team and filmed 10 hours of footage). The Russians and Taiwanese Colonel are on film stating praises for the Casualty locator at one point the locator located 10 victims in 5 minutes. Thank you to the Taiwanese Government they were excellent! they provided us with everything from helicopters to humvees ARTI was the only International team to go to remote interior at one point we were surrounded by 12 landslides occurring simultaneously our Taiwanese team members were essential positive dramatic, courageous and outstanding get it done people their country should be proud. We co-ordinate the rescue of 7 from the epicenter of the earthquake 300 landslides occurred around us during our 24 hour slide rescue detail.

International Police Diver's Symposium with Police, Military and Fire Dept's from 16 countries watching on close circuit TV a competition was held to find a victim , on the bottom of the Bay of Hamilton , Ontario, Canada. The 'slaughtered pig was dumped on the bottom of the Bay 2 days before. The competition was to see which technology can locate victims Sidescan took 20 hours with no results they could not find the pig. The ROV underwater camera gave up after a few minutes because it had a visibility of only 4 inches. The Copp Casualty locator found the pig inonly 3 MINUTES! This is on film and is available for viewing! and the Casualty locator can be used inside of collapsed buildings like The Taiwan Earthquake. This is on film and is available for viewing! or for finding murder sites. Like Kosovo ( also on film) or finding victims who have drowned in lakes. When everyone else and all other technologies have failed contact us.

Kennedy Crash! the inside story. Sidescan found rocks and of the 17 possibilities they first announced the first turned out to be a rock. ARTI chief Doug Copp gave the coastguard the means to find John F. Kennedy JR. Copp asked the US Coastguard at Menenshee all good guys and eager to work with ARTI "Has anyone talked with the Fishermen? Ans: "No. "Well", Copp replied: " Drop me off and let me talk with them" The net result is that a fishermen turned up at Coastguard headquarters, the next day with a scan he did of the Ocean Floor the day before the crash. The Coastguard compared the before picture with the after picture Result: Crash site found. If it wasn't for Copp and/or the Fishermen side scan, we never would have found the Kennedy's!

ARTI Sept 1, 99.

Our most successful rescue yet ARTI/AKUT team members.either with Doug Copp or trained by Doug Copp save more than 200 lives. The most complicated rescue of Copp's 15 years of working at almost every major disaster, in the world, Doug saved the life of Tugba Altun a little Turkish girl buried under 9 floors of concrete for 4 days the last 8 hrs. waiting for the backhoe bucket 'to rip her head off ( her words). It took 2 hrs to extricate this little person with an injured neck, back and broken arm with 100 tons of concrete 6 inches above her head dangling and ready to fall ( Doug Quote: The bravest person 'I have ever met',including, ALL the Rescue People I have worked with and MYSELF. It is one of the 3 highlights of my life the birth of my daughter, falling in love with my wife and the look and sparkle in this little girl's eyes when I told her OK and she told me OK knowing that I was either going to rescue her or die trying and I do not die easy! watch ABC, in November,' The world's Deadliest Earthquakes' ABC sent a crew with Copp and filmed 23 1/2 hour tapes (Copp owns the film) of Copp saving lives in Turkey

ARTI AUG 1, 99

Click on the Kosovo button ARTI went to Kosovo finding mass grave sites see eye witness reports from the German Army confirming that the Copp Casualty locator works.( broadcast on television throughout most of Europe) immediately after returning from Kosovo we went to the Kennedy crash site. We told the Coast Guard Personnel at Menemshah ( Martha's Vineyard--The actual rescuers are the same as police and fire personnel they only want to get the job done AND DON'T HAVE A POLITICAL AGENDA.) to check with the fishermen they said they had never thought of that the next morning a tuna spotter ( They take high tech printed charts of the ocean and the ocean floor) gave the coast guard sounding charts of the ocean floor from the day before the crash the Navy and Coast Guard compared them with the charts taken the day after the crash.the difference between them indicated the fuselage ARTI's contribution to recovering the victims..Now, we are preparing to go on another mission to the wilderness of Canada to find a young man who was swept into a lake by an avalanche last fall and never recovered we wait for the parent's decision soon we will return to Peru where we will deliver $100,000 in donated fire equipment to the Peruvian Fire Dept. We attend the International Divers symposium , Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, Sept 11 to 17. The biggest event of it's kind in the world with 300+ organizations from 16 countries we will be demonstrating the Casualty locator in the field.We plan to return to Kosovo to work with the International Criminal Tribunal and All the KFOR Armies to locate mass grave sites. We are non-political; however, 'WE WANT TO GATHER ALL THE EVIDENCE SO THAT THIS OBSCENITY AGAINST HUMANITY CAN NOT BE DENIED!

Founded in 1985, The American Rescue Team International EPRC (ARTI)is a 501(c)3, non-profit, non-political, non-governmental organization and an internationally recognized humanitarian rescue organization operating within the framework of the Geneva Convention and Protocols. Our purpose is to save lives, reduce suffering and to assist in the reduction of the devastating aftermath caused by catastrophic events.

Our experiences have helped us in the development of a comprehensive system for effective mitigation and response to emergencies, disasters and catastrophic events. Under 'the knowledge button' is the survival information we have presented on television networks in more than 120 countries. Home Box Office, the Learning Channel, the Discovery Channel documentaries and most of the major networks around the world are helping us take survival from the "duck and cover" method which has resulted in only 2% of victims surviving building collapse to our 'triangle of life' method which results in 75-95% of victims surviving.

We collapsed a school and home in Turkey with the co-operation of the Turkish Federal Government, University of Istanbul and City of Istanbul. We crawled inside to film the results. 10 dummies who "ducked and covered" were "ducked and splattered" . The 10 dummies who were placed by us were untouched.

In this scientific test we took survivability from 0% to 100%. This is expected to save 100,000 to300,000 lives per year when fully spread around the world. This is one of our most important projects. We plan to broadcast these films taken inside of collapsed buildings and will continue to repeat the test around the world. We believe that you should SEE FOR YOURSELF what actually happens when buildings collapse

The Rescue team in action. Doug Copp/Rescue Chief & Memo Tans river/ expert in disarming explosive material inside of collapsed buildings. Here we are inside of the collapsed school, in Turkey. Look for some action under live video (soon) and watch us on 'Real TV' (The Popular TV Program). We plan to continue the collapsed building test repeatedly throughout the world until children are never told to get under their desk again!. Look under the Knowledge button, on this page, for more pictures inside of collapsed buildings. This is the most important page you can see. In an earthquake it will mean the difference between you living or dieing!

As of May 1996, the American Rescue Team has formed broad-based cooperative alliances with rescuers/ rescue teams in 16 (and growing all the time) countries, that unite the best resources and people, to create solutions to critical life saving and disaster problems.

For these ARTI team members the key-point of life saving is our ability to respond to the unexpected, to create an environment that fosters continuous innovation, self-reliance, and a care for our neighbors in distress, whether in Mexico, Japan, Turkey or in your neighborhood. We are ready to respond appropriately to any hazardous condition or environment which thrusts people or the environment into peril. We are constantly ready and strive to:

    Provide the Right People
  • Save the Greatest Number of Lives
  • Contain the Event at the Lowest Possible Level

The team's technological capabilities are some of the most advanced systems available. The utilization of advances in Doppler radar satellite technology, satellite communications systems and Life Location equipment, is transferred to lifesaving. We respond to catastrophic emergencies anywhere, anytime.

We assist Government Agencies, throughout the world, to be more functional and effective during the disaster; by modifying their systems not dramatically changing them just modifying with methods and knowledge we have acquired at the world's disasters. We have advised the Army, Navy, Air Force, Fire Depts., Ministry of Communication, Ministry of Transportation, Ministry of Civil Defense even Presidents and Prime Ministers. We have learned 'what works' and what can be easily implemented 'on the spot' to reduce loss of life and suffering. Regulations and over regulation, licensing, permitting and bureaucratic " bias of choice" and their corresponding systems, can cost lives during a major disaster.

We have many more articles to post for the press..coming soon.

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