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the Triangle of Life saves lives. Duck and Cover is death! Click on this Quake Alarm and you will link to a doc. from the Office of Energency Services, in Chile; concerning the Quake Alarm.


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  Training Seminars

ARTI Training Seminars and Conferences

As you might expect we have given lectures throughout the world, on a vast variety of subjects related to rescue, survival, disaster mitigation, recovery, command and control, return to 'normalcy', loss reduction etc. etc..

We have trained the military, embassies, schools, rescue teams of various nationalities throughout the world. American Schools abroad and Multi- national Corporations of all types. We are the source for practical, realistic and specific information which directly responds to YOUR problems and circumstances.

We can train a rescue team to save twice as many lives SAFELY.

We can train a government organization to be much more effective in the utilization of resources (resources of which they may not even be aware.. let alone... be knowledgeable in their application).

We can make the difference for a corporation. We can teach the corporation how it is cost effective to save the lives of their employees. We can make the difference between destruction and advancement for a corporation. We can teach you how your market share can double after a disaster instead of BANKRUPTCY! We are not "Corporate Disaster Recovery Experts" who are telling you that the 'moon is made of cheese' and you pay for it and 'swallow it hook line and sinker' because you are legally required to hire experts and you assume they are. The reality is that we have the practical knowledge of the problems which ACTUALLY occur and the SOLUTIONS which make the difference between your corporate life or death.

The HBO Letter

Look under the Knowledge button, on the home page, for more pictures inside of collapsed buildings. This is the most important page you can see. In an earthquake it will mean the difference between you living or dieing!

Listed below you will find descriptions and some pictures of the wide gammit of lectures we have given, over the years:

  • July 12, 2005. For the last 2 months; since, returning from the ARTI training mission to China Doug Copp's lungs have continued to be reinjured.

    Scroll below for links to televised videos, newspapers and Chinese Government Publications about the ARTI Mission, to China and Indonesia, June 2005.

    An MSN conversation between doug copp, ARTI Chief, and John Mc Intosh, ARTI webmaster about a triangle of life speech, in China:

    cybersurfer says:
    Duck and cover is valid for snow ball fights, among children, not for building collapse
    Doug says:
    That is good. I might use that.
    cybersurfer says:
    Hey use this one, too, duck and cover is useful for locating the children when its all over.. just look under the desks
    cybersurfer says:
    That wet spot under the desk is "Little Bobbie"
    Doug says:
    no kidding
    Doug says:
    I remember

    I remembered crawling up and down the aisles of a collapsed school and seeing every child squashed. Only a little hand or foot escaped. This was in Mexico City, in 1985. I learned that ‘ duck and cover’ was death and people survive in spaces next to desks. I discovered the ‘triangle of life’ or ‘it discovered me’.

    China Mission from ARTI Chief: Doug Copp:

    I am overwhelmingly pleased by the success of the ARTI mission, to China. This was my first, fulfilled attempt, to return, to a ‘life’; since my World Trade Center injuries. Last month, Dr Boucher had prescribed, additional, new medication, for my lead poisoning. I accidentally overdosed on this medicine and took 1,500 mg instead of 150 mg. The reaction was incredible. My capillaries opened up and flushed the lead from my brain and out through my skin and into my bones. I ‘broke out’ with thousands of blisters covering my entire upper torso, back, neck, face, arms and hands. My wife was afraid of amputation. It looked bad. This massive movement of poisons from my brain and through my skin caused my brain to clear. I can ‘think without pain’, for the first time, in almost 4 years.

    I am still undergoing tests for further damage, to my already damaged kidneys and my liver; due to, this mass migration of poison and I still have many lesions, in my skin; however, thank God! I can think again. My original 41 medical problems, caused by the World Trade Center have been reduced, to only 11, with only ½ of them serious. I continue, with only, weekly intravenous treatments and several hours per day of medical treatment. I returned from this mission with infections, ‘bloated’ from water retention and difficulty breathing due to pollution but most importantly I did not lose my memory or become ‘unable to speak or think’.

    Special Thanks to Zhang Li for her continued assistance towards helping the Chinese people and ARTI. I met many ‘good’, kind and decent people, in China. All ‘real’ rescue people have ‘a common heart’ which ‘breaks all bounds’. I said to them: “It doesn’t take long for people, of one heart, to become friends”. I am very grateful for their kindness, presentation of many awards, their elaborate formal dinners and their hospitality.

    Previously, The Chinese Police Chief had confronted me, in private, with Tom Lang’s headlines: “of massive lies”. (Tom Lang’s slander and personal attack, on me, for ‘throwing him out of’ the World Trade Center, as an “evil bastard” ...see the Tom Lang button above). The Police Chief told me after hearing the details about Lang and the substance contained, in my lectures: “You have a friend, in me.” I consider him to be a good friend. A bond was made among serious people. Later, we will be posting 100 pictures including, a picture of the Armed Police Chief of China's presentation of a gold plague, to me, from the Armed Police Force of China.

    Thank you, my good friends, in China.

    ARTI has many projects, in place, in Asia and Southwest Asia which will be revealed after Rocky Lopes of ARC and Tom Lang, the 300 'million dollar sociopath' and World Trade Center Villain, cannot hurt them. I am so grateful, to God, for allowing me to help people again.

    My missions to Indonesia (arranged by ARTI Indonesian Team Co-coordinator ‘Budi’ Budisarian) was, also, a tremendous success. A lot more later.

    see The American Rescue Team International//Quake Alarm Indonesian Poster

    Did you know?

    (An excerpt from the rough speech prepared for Chinese Government Officials regarding the Triangle of Life) History:

    ‘Duck and cover’ was created as a political, and propaganda tool during the cold war. The problem is that In the United States it started as part of an advertising campaign to calm the populations from fear of nuclear warfare. TV commercials were made to promote ‘duck and cover’ with ‘cute’ jingles sung to the theme of ‘duck and cover’. This had very little basis in logic or reason; for example, one of the commercials had a ‘cartoon’ , ‘animated’ family in a clearing of the forest. The father, mother, son, daughter and pet dog were having a picnic. They had a blanket spread out on the ground with sandwiches and other picnic treats set upon it. They were happy. All of a sudden, a flash of brilliant light, appeared in the distance. They all new it was an atomic explosion. They all continued to smile because they knew how to be safe. The boy lead the way by lifting the blanket and sticking his head underneath. The father smiled approvingly and put his head underneath the blanket. The rest of the family did the same. The dog even stuck his head underneath, next to the boy. The scene changed to a view of them all under the blanket smiling at each other, in complete safety. The musical jingle continued to singing the words that ‘duck and cover’ would make you safe. The Dept of Civil Defense adopted ‘duck and cover’ in their publications concerning Urban heavy rescue ( this manual was essentially a ‘grown –up’ adaptation of the boy scout manual on tying knots and using walking sticks; however, it told you to ‘duck and cover’.). This was 1952.

    In 1952 Television had not yet been tarnished. Everything that appeared on Television was taken as absolute fact. The propaganda was set. Mission accomplished. Duck and Cover was not created as a means to save lives during building collapse. It is not being challenged by the ‘triangle of life” as a new and improved means of surviving building collapse. It was created by a marketing Dept as a propaganda tool to calm the population during a time of potential political unrest. Duck and Cover as a safety procedure is statistically a complete failure. This is why 98% of the population dies during building collapse

    Things have changed. ‘Duck and cover’ has been ‘burned’ into the minds of the populations from mandatory teaching and drills, in schools. The children are taught, to drop to their knees and crawl under their desks. During structural failure this results in almost 100% death. A survivor becomes a Television celebrity because it so rare for a survivor to exist.

    The ‘duck and cover’ process is perpetuated by bureaucratic intransigence. Everyone knows how difficult it is to change something that is ‘burned’ into the minds of a population by a bureaucracy who initially had an objective of convincing a population for political purposes and then became its own ‘victim’; as the children, themselves, grew up to become the bureaucrats.

    Galileo had a similar problem, in convincing people; that the earth was not the center of the universe. The bureaucracy, at the time, being the ‘Catholic Church’ thought it would lose credibility if it admitted that God had not made man and 'man’s home', the Center of the Universe.

    Again, Columbus had the same problem convincing ‘the establishment’ that the world was not flat and you would not sail-off or fall-off the edge of the world if you traveled to China. Columbus was right. When I came to China I did not fall of the edge of the world. It was the promise of wealth that convinced the King and Queen of Spain to finance Columbus’ quest not truth or science. .

    The Response to perpetuate duck and cover:

    ‘Duck and cover’ is further perpetuated, in Capitalist countries because it has become commercial, in nature. The American Red Cross with an annual budget of 6 billion to 12 billion dollars is prohibited by law from ‘doing any rescue’; however, they are adamant in perpetuating ‘duck and cover’ because they have convinced (like the Church in Galileo’s time) the American Public that they are experts in safety. They are afraid that a change in policy would make the American Public stop giving them money or it would negatively impact their revenue flow.

    The published response of the American Red Cross, through Rocky Lopey, the Director of Disasters, ARC Headquarters (aka. Described by the San Francisco Chronicle as The Marble Palace’), Washington, DC. for example, is to attack me personally, and publish their response. The response by the ARC is to concede , at this point, that the ‘triangle of life’ is appropriate for third world countries but not for the United States ( their financial base). They claim that it is not appropriate for the American public to do ‘triangle of life’ because America does NOT have earthquakes and American buildings do not collapse. The logical and reasonable mind reflects upon 2 quotes of philosophy: “If you can not destroy the message then destroy the messenger”. and “ The path of truth has 3 stages. First it is ridiculed. Secondly, it is violently opposed and thirdly it is accepted as self evident.”

    The question is how many people will lose their lives before the American Red Cross and those that are like them will find the way to capitalize on the ‘triangle of life’ and adopt it as being self evident and I expect that the American Red Cross; will then, have the nerve, to take credit for creating the Triangle of Life.

    It has been as difficult to change policy from the ‘brainwashed ‘belief in ‘duck and cover’ as it had been for Galileo and Columbus.

    Read the actual speech as published and distributed, in the Chinese Government Book (in English and Chinese): The First International Forum: China City’s Disaster Prevention and Mitigation both in English and Chinese.

    In this publication, of Doug Copp’s written speech, the reference to the American Red Cross was changed to:” A Major Commercial Interest”…6 to 12 billion dollars revenue source per year…from ‘duck and cover’...etc..etc..

    Watch Doug’s actual speech to the 1st International Forum: China City’s Disaster Prevention and Mitigation. This post production Quality Program was created by the Chinese Government. Some excerpts were broadcast on Chinese Television This video is being widely circulated and viewed, throughout China. (This video requires it be downloaded fully, and the DIVX Codec to be installed on your PC before it can be viewed)

    Watch the 2nd Speech to the Chinese Armed Police at their National Headquarters. This is, also, broadcast quality as prepared by the Chinese Government. . The post production Quality Program was created by the Chinese Government. Some excerpts were broadcast on Chinese Television and are being widely circulated and viewed, throughout China. (This video requires it be downloaded fully, and the DIVX Codec to be installed on your PC before it can be viewed)

    The broadcast video of my third speech, in China, to the National Rescue Team of China (The largest Earthquake Administration Organization, in the world with 12,000 employees devoted solely to Earthquake Survival and Rescue.) is being prepared for the website.

    See some of the 6 newspaper stories concerning Doug Copp’s Chinese lectures and the joint co-operation between the Chinese Government Ministries and ARTI. (Sorry they are in Chinese until translated by Chinese ARTI members). The Beijing Daily News and The Beijing Youth Daily (Both Major National Publications with many millions of daily copies circulated throughout China). The Third Chinese Newspaper, also, has a picture of Doug.

    Nashville, Tennessee - SRDR 98, Worldwide Conference on Disaster Recovery and Search and Rescue Doug Copp / ARTI Rescue Chief will be in charge of International participation and will give several lectures - July, 1998
    Sponsored by Search and Rescue/ Disaster Recovery 1998

  • Istanbul, Turkey - Federal Government Ministry of Defense, Civil Defense, Transportation, Communications, Education & Health; Title: What you need to know - Ankara, Turkey - Dec., 1997
    Sponsored by AKUT (The Official Turkish Rescue Team)
  • Lima, Peru - The Multinational: Corporate and Personal Survival: Fact NOT Fiction - fall, 1997
    Sponsored by Many Government and NGO Organisations in Peru
  • Lima, Peru - Urban Heavy Rescue - Fall, 1997
    Sponsored by The National Fire Dept. of Peru
  • Belfast, Northern Ireland - Training a Non-Political National Rescue Team of Northern Ireland to accompany ARTI to International Disasters- Belfast, Northern Ireland - Fall, 1997
    Sponsored by Everyone who thinks it is a good thing for people to work together to save lives rather than take them
  • Istanbul, Turkey - Collapsed Building SAR; Recovery Techniques Seminar - Ankara, Turkey - Fall, 1997
    Sponsored by AKUT (The Official Turkish Rescue Team)

    Some of the 100+ Lectures, Seminars and Training Courses given to date:

  • Tennessee, Nashville - The Future of the American Command Structure. Quote from the SRDR Brochure " Doug is one of the most experienced rescue/ disaster mitigation experts, in the world. He brings this experience to Nashville to discuss the advantages and disadvantages found in the ICS, Unified and Single Command Structures. This exciting session will include personal stories that deliver examples of the mistakes and successes that occur within this structures. Doug will explain how he believes the American Command Structure will exist, by necessity, after the NEXT 2 GREAT AMERICAN DISASTERS. Included in this session will be ARTI's 32 min. film 'Kobe, The Inside Story ' which includes original footage of ARTI crawling inside of the Structures in Kobe.- July, 1997
    Sponsored by SRDR '97. Worldwide Conference"
  • Tennessee, Nashville - Major Disasters, What Can Be Learned? Quote from the SRDR Brochure " Functioning, Rescuing, Mitigating, Loss Prevention, --all critical components of the Disaster Mitigation Equation. Here in this session you have the unique opportunity to learn from the successes and failures of others before you. This exciting session will feature original ARTI video footage showing close- up action at earthquakes, andslides, explosions, mine collapses, and even a jungle rescue with Copp crossing crocodile infested waters!"- July, 1997
    Sponsored by SRDR '97. Worldwide Conference
  • Tennessee, Nashville - Wilderness SAR- How did they do it? Quote from the SRDR Brochure: " When a 21 year old American became lost in a remote mountain wilderness in Turkey; the Turkish Army, a local mountain rescue unit, local villagers and the United States Government searched for Donald Ziegler for 5 1/2 months. With nothing to show for their efforts, the boy's mother contacted the American Rescue Team International. The 'ARTI' found Donald the first day. This is a fascinating case study where you will explore the psychology and logic of investigative searching under extreme and adverse conditions. This high tech wilderness search and rescue session will be accompanied by excellent videos and pictures. "
    Sponsored by SRDR '97. Worldwide Conference
  • Republic of China - Surviving Total Building Collapse - Taipei - May, 1997
    Sponsored by and held at The Embassies of the United States, Great Britain and Canada
  • Republic of China - Collapsed Building SAR; Recovery Techniques Seminar - Taipei - May, 1997
    Sponsored by The Rescue Association of China
  • Lima, Peru - Surviving Complete Building Collapse - Lima, Peru - April, 1997
    Sponsored by The Embassey of the United States of America
  • Republic of China - Collapsed Building Search & Recovery Techniques Seminar - Taipei - May, 1997
    Sponsored by The Rescue Association of China

    Doug gave several lectures in the Republic of China. At the Maritime Conference the attendees were the heads of Rescue Centers for various countries. ROC Federal Ministers and Generals etc...

  • Taiwan - "Training the Trainers" - Recovery Techniques Conference - Republic of China - 1997
  • Several Cities, Turkey - A Wide Variety of Topics for Government Agencies and NGO's - Turkey - Dec, 1996
    Sponsored by AKUT (The Official Turkish Rescue Team), The Turkish Federal Government, University of Istanbul, City of Istanbul, Governor of Erzikshan
  • Istanbul, Turkey - Collapsed Building Search & Recovery Techniques Seminar - Ankara, Turkey - April, 1996
    Sponsored by AKUT (The Official Turkish Rescue Team)
  • Bucharest, Romania - Collapsed Building Search & Recovery Techniques Seminar - Rescue Team "Spitak", Armenia - April, 1996.
    Sponsored by the popular television program "Inside Edition" and King World Productions, New York
  • Kobe, Japan - How to increase the efficiency of the Japanese Fire Dept.; Japanese Fire Dept., Japan - 1994
  • Mexico City, Mexico - The Role of various Government Agencies in a Disaster.
    Sponsored by the Canadian Embassy ( lecture location), and many Federal Government Agencies and High Level Officials "Canadian Embassy" Mexico City, 1993.
  • Mexico City, Mexico - The Role of the Navy in a Major Disaster.
    Sponsored by the Mexican Navy "Mexican Admiralty Headquarters" Mexico City, 1993.
  • Mexico City, Mexico - Red Cross of Mexico Headquarters; Recovery Techniques Seminar - Mexican Red Cross, Mexico City, 1993.
    Sponsored by the Mexican Red Cross
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