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Two Critical Videos from the American Rescue Team

Urban Heavy Rescue

Disaster Mitigations: Kobe Disaster Case Study

Here's what has been said about Douglas Copp and the American Rescue Team International:

"The operation (rescue work during the Mexico City earthquake of 1985) was successful precisely because and everyone involved worked as a team. Such an immediate and effective response by the Embassy community made a difference where it counted most - in saving lives and relieving pain for those directly affected. We can all be proud of this achievement." John Gavin, US Ambassador to Mexico

Doug Copp has "outstanding qualifications in the field of rescue." M. Braham, Director, International Programs and Exercises, Emergency Preparedness Canada

"We would like to express our sincere appreciation for your... involvement in the rescue project of the Kalamata earthquake... and your leading role in saving lives during the disaster." K. Papdimitropolous and P. Aliferis, Greece

"I am so full of admiration for all... (your) great personal risk... " David Cockerham, British Consul-General to Japan

"We were impressed by the professionalism of the American Rescue Team....." Graham Fry, Far Eastern and Pacific Department, Foreign and Commonwealth Office, London

Urban Heavy Rescue

Skills and safety precautions needed by any rescue team member in a multitude of disaster and collapse situations.

According to published OSHA-USA statistics, 2.2 rescuers die per victim in confined space rescues. Doug Copp has a phenomenal record of beating the odds and the statistics. With more than 100 disaster events under his belt and having tunnelled inside of more than 800 collapsed buildings, Copp is a master at his trade. Through earthquakes, tornadoes, landslides, hurricanes, and numerous other emergency responses, his intense understanding of disaster mitigation and complex dem olition has kept him alive. This knowledge and skill have taken him all over the world to teach his methods to others.

Now, the Copp Method of urban heavy rescue, based on years of experience, is detailed in a 30 minute video tape. Urban Heavy Rescue includes exclusive and unique footage taken inside collapsed buildings. Combines with computer-generated graphics, it provides clear explanations of proven rescue techniques.

Skills Highlighted in Urban Heavy Rescue

  • Life and Victim Locating
  • Tunnelling safely and rapidly in multi-story, pancake collapse
  • Victim response procedures
  • The staging area: location and production
  • Utilising cranes, bulldozers, loaders, and Bobcats safely for operator and victim
  • Achieving maximum efficiency of jackhammers and torch crews, air tools and compressors, and hand labour, military and organised work crews.
  • Establishing command and control of major disasters with multiple sites.

Urban Heavy Rescue Highlights Footage Shot By Doug Copp

  • Los Angeles
  • San Francisco
  • Mexico City
  • Guadalajara
  • Kobe
  • El Salvador
  • Greece
  • Costa Rica

$195.00 + $6.95 Shipping and Handling (US) - California add sales tax, 1996, VHS Format, 130 minutes, ISBN 1-57444-064-0

For US and overseas orders make cheques payable to Copp Life Systems and contact: Doug Copp.

or mail to: Training Films American Rescue Team International PO Box 534, Sandia Park, Albuquerque, New Mexico, 87047
Tel/Fax 505-281-7977

Disaster Mitigation: The Kobe Disaster Case Study

The American Rescue Team was the only US rescue team, and the first non-government organisation (NGO) in the world, permitted to rescue trapped victims in Kobe, Japan following the disastrous earthquake in 1995. The most experienced rescue team in the United States, the American Rescue Team, led by Rescue Chief Doug Copp, has worked most major disasters in the world for more than a decade.

This 30-minute video presents the inside story of the disaster, the survivors, and the challenges presented by tunnelling.

Learn how to deal with a disaster in an effective manner using the Kobe earthquake aftermath to set the stage. Doug Copp, the most experienced tunneller in the world, will teach you how to "look at" a collapsed structure through his eyes. Learn where live victims are most likely to be located and therefore expedite and maximise their survivability.

Accompany Copp and his team as they crawl through collapsed buildings in Kobe. Learn how to tunnel without fear of death or injury to yourself or team members. This milestone video is a must for any member of a rescue team, insurance underwriters, scientists concerned with catastrophic events, or anyone desiring to separate myth from fact.

$195.00 + $6.95 Shipping and Handling (US) - California add sales tax, 1996, VHS Format, 130 minutes, ISBN 1-57444-065-9

For US and overseas orders make cheques payable to Copp Life Systems and contact: Doug Copp).
or mail to: Training Films American Rescue Team International PO Box 534, Sandia Park, Albuquerque, New Mexico, 87047
Tel/Fax 505-281-7977

Orders Outside of North America:

All orders outside North America must be prepaid by cheque or certified money order. Payment must be in US dollars. Add $12.50 shipping and handling for each video ordered. Prices are subject to change.

About the Producer

As the leading and most experienced rescuer in the world, Doug Copp is the Executive Director of the American Rescue Team International (ARTI). ARTI was established in 1985, the year of the Mexico City earthquake. Mr. Copp has survived more than 100+ disasters world-wide and tunneled into more than 800 collapsed buildings. Through lectures and training demonstrations at more than 60 conferences, Copp has provided insights to hundreds of rescue pr professionals. He is the inventor of the Copp Life Locator, an electronic device for use in actual disasters that reduces the time required to locate victims to mere minutes. In January 1996, he co-authored the Copp Resolution, which will be presented to the General Assembly of the United Nations by the Canadian Permanent Mission. The purpose of this very important resolution is to de-politicize rescue and to allow rescue teams to save lives unhindered by politics and political considerations.

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